MAFS Dinner Party Departure

MAFS Dinner Party Departure

The Honeymoons are coming to an end and the newlyweds are making the most of their last days away before returning to Sydney for the first Dinner Party of the experiment. While most couples are getting along at this early stage of the experiment, the same cannot be said for Collins & Natalie. On honeymoon in Broome, Western Australia, Natalie is struggling with the hot weather and the lack of affection from her inexperienced husband, Collins, who is oblivious to how his wife is feeling.

One couple who have had no trouble turning up the heat is Sara and Tim who have consummated their marriage in Fiji, after reconciling from an earlier argument when Tim told Sara that she needed to relax. 

In Port Stephens, Lucinda and Timothy have a breakthrough on the final night on their honeymoon. Following on from an awkward discussion where Timothy admitted to not being attracted to Lucinda, the couple have a heartfelt and emotional conversation where Timothy tells Lucinda that she has been the highlight of the honeymoon. She is touched by this tenderness, and there is hope for the couple. 

Back in Sydney, the newlyweds are glamming up with excitement and anticipation for the first Dinner Party, when rumours begin to swirl about Tori’s husband Jack. He’s been named and shamed in a gossip article that claims he was in a relationship just prior to entering the experiment, leaving his partner for the opportunity to appear on Married at First Sight. Eden and Jayden and Lauren and Jonathan are leading the charge to hold Jack accountable for his actions, and are determined to get to the bottom of the issue. 

The Cocktail Party commences and amongst the love, tension simmers with anticipation of Jack and his wife Tori’s arrival. Natalie and Collins put on a brave face, but beneath the surface all is not well. Witnessing all the other loved up couples, Natalie feels more alone than ever. Meanwhile, ever oblivious, Collins is just ecstatic to be at a Dinner Party and spends most of the Cocktail Party socialising with the other couples away from his wife’s side.     

Tori and Jack enter the Cocktail Party and the tension in the room intensifies. Jack quickly tries to dampen the rumours with Tim, but before he can continue with too much campaigning…. dinner is served.

As the couples head in for dinner, it quickly becomes apparent that Natalie and Collins have not taken their seats at the table. They are having a conversation outside the room, with Natalie hesitant to head in to the group. Following some encouragement from Collins she makes her way to the table, but she is clearly unhappy. 

As Natalie witnesses all the loved up couples around the table, she becomes overwhelmed and leaves the table. Collins joins her to see what’s wrong. Despite Collins’ pleas, Natalie doesn’t want to continue with the experiment. Collins is heartbroken. The couple announce that they are leaving the experiment to a shocked table.

With Natalie and Collins gone, attention turns to Jack as the group starts to grill him about the gossip article’s allegations. With Jayden and Lauren leading the charge, Jack is put on the spot. All eyes are on him, and Tori squirms as her husband is grilled. But rather than capitulate, Jack stands his ground and denies all allegations. Attention then turns to Tori. Will she stand by her man? The answer for now is: yes.


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