MAFS Dan’s Dinner Party Disaster

The couples have now passed the halfway point in the experiment, and after an eventful week meeting each other’s friends and families, they are now eager to unwind at the fourth dinner party.

Claire and Jesse reveal they had some cute dates this week, and have been mending their relationship. However, a storm is brewing between some of the other couples. Evelyn has some incriminating information that could put two couples on the rocks. She mentions that Rupert had accidentally pocket dialled her on a boy’s night out, and she could hear Hugo and Dan speaking horribly about their wives. Sandy and a none-the-wiser-Dan are getting ready in separate apartments after an explosive fight.

The Cocktail Party commences with an uneasy undertone, as Evelyn knows she’s holding onto some crucial information that could affect some other couples. Claire and Jesse enter united, to everyone’s surprise. Evelyn begins telling the girls what she’s heard on her husband’s pocket dial. She says that Dan showed photos of his ex-girlfriends to the other grooms on a boys night out. Sandy arrives alone, leaning on the women for their support. Shortly after Tayla and Hugo arrive, Evelyn tells everyone what she heard Hugo say on the pocket dial. Hugo feels the heat from Tayla and tensions rise in the group. Dan enters alone, and before he can corroborate any information with the boys, dinner is served.

Before anyone even begins eating, Dan grabs everyone’s attention. He wants to clear the air, but is then confronted by Evelyn, as she exposes the truth. Dan deflects and denies, much to the dismay of everyone at the table. The conversation turns to Hugo, who by contrast takes ownership and apologises for his actions.

Dan attempts to apologise to Sandy but seems insincere. He then reveals to the group that he and Sandy have been intimate. Everyone is shocked and Sandy is clearly mortified this has been shared with the group. The women begin questioning Dan and his intentions in the experiment. With the support of the women, Sandy finally finds her voice, and speaks her mind.

Keen to support her friend Sandy and get Dan to admit the truth – that he’s not into his wife – Evelyn pulls Dan aside for a private conversation. She grills him, and calls him out for deflecting and denying the allegations. Dan ends the conversation abruptly, once he sees that Evelyn won’t back down. Dan can no longer handle the heat and he leaves the Dinner Party.


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