MAFS Commitment Ceremony sees Sara in the Hotseat

It’s the morning of the second Commitment Ceremony and tonight, the couples will make the important decision to stay in the experiment or leave their marriages for good.

Following last night’s chaotic dinner party, TORI and JACK are furious with TIMOTHY, who claims their relationship is fake. LUCINDA is feeling humiliated due to TIMOTHY’s erratic behaviour and ELLIE is having doubts after the girls interrogated BEN about his hurtful behaviour towards ELLIE. Meanwhile, after their explosive argument at the dinner table, SARA and TIM’s relationship has been left in tatters. The pair are staying in separate apartments and haven’t spoken since the Dinner Party last night.  

The first couple on the couch is ELLIE and BEN. After a rough week where BEN mocked ELLIE and said she wasn’t ‘his match’, ELLIE is concerned about BEN’s inconsistent behaviour. BEN has apologised and vows to do better, and also reveals he is ready to have children, which has been a sticking point in their relationship so far. They both decide to stay.

For TORI and JACK the couch is an opportunity to ask TIMOTHY for an apology after he called their relationship ‘fake’. TIMOTHY however, has no regrets about his comments and stands by the accusations. Despite this, TORI and JACK are feeling stronger than ever, and while they still haven’t had sex, Intimacy Week only brought them closer together. They’re looking forward to building a future together and they both decide to stay. 

Next on the couch are LUCINDA and TIMOTHY. LUCINDA is feeling humiliated after TIMOTHY’s behaviour at last night’s Dinner Party. She feels like the whole experiment has been a trying process for her, and she’s now in the observation seat, trying to determine if this relationship is for her. TIMOTHY admits to being a ‘disaster’ and that he has lots of walls up and baggage to unpack. LUCINDA says she needs TIMOTHY to show some effort if she’s going to stick around. They both commit to giving it another week. 

ANDREA and RICHARD are still going strong. RICHARD professes they ‘did intimacy week before Intimacy Week’ and proceeds to humiliate ANDREA with further comments about their sex life. Although ANDREA is embarrassed by his comment in the moment, the pair are in a good place. EDEN says that Intimacy Week helped her to build trust in JAYDEN, and she has a ‘big crush’ on him. And for CASSANDRA and TRISTAN an up and down week has ended on an up, though CASSANDRA is still hoping for more affection. All three couples choose to stay.

LAUREN and JONATHAN had a challenging Intimacy Week. LAUREN acknowledges that her behaviour is pushing JONATHAN away, and even though she can see all the great things about JONATHAN, she’s still finding herself sabotaging the relationship. Expert John helps her to understand this pattern and she commits to ‘focusing on the good things’ in the week ahead. The pair both choose to stay.  

The final couple on the couch are SARA and TIM. Their relationship imploded at last night’s Dinner Party, after an argument erupted between them over SARA cancelling three dates that TIM had organised. SARA is held to account by expert Mel, who calls her out for apologising to the group for her behaviour, but not to TIM. Mel also pushes SARA to reveal why she cancelled on TIM so many times. TIM is feeling exhausted as he feels he’s been putting in a lot of energy and effort to this relationship, but it hasn’t been reciprocated. The pair share an awkward hug and commit to staying and working on their relationship for another week.


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