MAFS Commitment Ceremony Crumbles

It’s the morning of the fourth Commitment Ceremony, and as the couples wake up, they struggle to wrap their heads around last night’s chaotic Dinner Party. Evelyn’s explosive revelations of a ‘pocket dial’ from a boys’ night out blew up both Tayla and Hugo, and Sandy and Dan’s relationships. Both husbands were caught out disrespecting their partners behind their backs, and while they have since apologised, this morning both couples are in dire straits, having not spoken since the Dinner Party.

Tonight, all the couples will make the important decision to stay or leave their marriages, and with the halfway point of the experiment behind them, the stakes have never been higher.

First couple on the couch is Claire and Jesse. After a rough beginning to the experiment the pair spent the last week rebuilding their relationship, with Claire pulling out all the stops and treating Jesse to several thoughtful dates. Jesse credits Claire with making him feel ‘wanted’ and reveals he has forgiven her. The pair also shared their first kiss this week and are both hoping to continue growing their relationship. They both decide to stay.

Next up are Sandy and Dan, who are still reeling from last night’s Dinner Party. Sandy was devastated to hear about Dan’s antics at the boys’ night, where he was showing pictures of his ex-girlfriends to the other husbands, and comparing her to them. She’s also been feeling that ever since they were intimate earlier in the week, Dan has pulled away. Dan says he’s been struggling with incompatibilities in their relationship, mainly that Sandy doesn’t like the beach as much as he does. Sandy thinks the biggest issue in their relationship is his focus on their differences while she tries to focus on their similarities. The pair both write leave.

Evelyn and Rupert are going strong, and both feel like last night’s Dinner Party brought them closer together. Tahnee and Ollie are forming a deeper bond each day and Ollie is ‘stoked’ with where they’re at. Bronte and Harrison are in the best place they’ve ever been in this experiment, both admitting to ‘falling in love’ with one another – but not everyone in the group is buying it. All three couples choose to stay.

For Melinda and Layton, the couch is emotional. The couple get called out by both Harrison and Expert John, who accuses them of putting up a façade and not being honest with the current state of their relationship. He pushes them to talk about the issues they’re facing. A teary Mel admits she’s worried about how they can move forward when they’re both so stubborn, but John gives them some tips on how to better handle conflict when it arises. Both choose to stay another week.

Lyndall and Cam had a difficult week following the visit from their mothers. While Cam has been trying to show more affection, he told Lyndall that his Mum thinks she is insecure. Lyndall cries on that couch as she tells the Experts she doesn’t think she’s asking for too much. Despite a rocky week the pair both commit to staying and working on their relationship.

For Alyssa and Duncan, Alyssa is worried her own insecurities are getting in the way of her relationship and leading her to self-sabotage. She’s not sure why Duncan would want to be with a single Mum, and all the ‘baggage’ that entails. Duncan reassures her he’s in this for the long haul and the couple both choose to stay.

The final couple on the couch is Tayla and Hugo. Their relationship was left in tatters after Tayla found out last night that Hugo had called her an incredibly derogatory word during the boys night, as well as mentioning that he wished he’d been paired with any of the other brides in the experiment. Tayla feels he has betrayed her trust. Hugo is apologetic and wants to make things work. He feels very insecure around Tayla and admits he’s ‘terrified’ of upsetting her, which Tayla is shocked to hear. Tayla writes ‘leave’ while Hugo chooses to stay, leaving Tayla frustrated. She asserts that there’s no way she’s staying, she’s ‘going back to Tassie’ and walks straight from the couch out the door.


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