MAFS Commitment Ceremony Conflicts

It’s the morning of the third Commitment Ceremony and as the newlyweds are getting ready to face the experts,

Adam is still reeling from the Dinner Party. Janelle is shocked by Adam’s unapologetic behaviour and is keen to get the Experts’ take on the situation. Amid the cheating scandal, Alyssa and Duncan are in turmoil as Alyssa doesn’t agree with Duncan staying friends with Adam. Meanwhile Claire is ready to make amends with Jesse, hoping that the letter that she gave him at the Dinner Party will help to turn things around for them. In a separate apartment, Jesse is pondering over Claire’s letter of apology, he is still unsure whether it’s enough for him to stay another week.

The Commitment Ceremony kicks off with Janelle and Adam, where Alessandra hits Adam with the hard questions, and he can’t seem to get his words out. When the room tries to hold Adam accountable for his lack of apology, he again shows no remorse. Both Janelle and Adam decide to leave, and Adam immediately walks out of the room.

Alyssa and Duncan are the next couple on the couch. Alyssa is sour over Duncan maintaining contact with Adam throughout the cheating scandal. A heartbroken Alyssa is unsure about whether their morals align anymore, and a confused Duncan isn’t sure why he’s in as much trouble as Adam is.

Up next, Melinda and Layton are full steam ahead as their feelings start to grow for each other. Tahnee and Ollie follow suit, talking about the next steps in their relationship after the experiment. Harrison sits on the couch without Bronte, who is home with crippling period pain, and Harrison admits that her endometriosis is really causing sadness within him. Evelyn and Rupert are next and as a nervous Rupert tries to bumble his way through, Evelyn admits to feeling like Rupert isn’t ready for this commitment.

Sandy and Dan are next to the couch, and Sandy cautiously admits to Dan never being home. John observes that they look like friends, and in a shock development, Dan reveals that he isn’t sexually attracted to Sandy. Sandy admits to feeling rejected and Alessandra suggests that intimacy isn’t just physical, it’s emotional too. Tayla and Hugo are next and when Tayla admits that Hugo isn’t her type, Mel tells her off saying that this isn’t a mail-order service.

Lyndall and Cameron are up next, and in an unexpected turn, they’ve had a fight over a hug. On a call, Lyndall’s mum suggested Cam give Lyndall a hug, and feeling pressured, Cam refused. Lyndall feels heartbroken that her husband can’t give her a hug in a time of need. Alessandra gives Cam some sound advice: that affection is crucial in a romantic relationship. Both agree to stay, and Cam agrees to step it up.

Jesse and Claire walk up to the couch, where Jesse admits to feeling worthless after Claire’s infidelity was revealed. A heated argument erupts in the room as Melinda and Alyssa try to hold Claire accountable. Sandy pleads that Claire is remorseful and accountable, unlike Adam. Jesse agrees, but despite this, he chooses to leave the experiment. Claire however has chosen to stay to make amends, and John suggests Jesse try to give it another week


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