Madeleine West returns to Neighbours Updated

After more than a 13 year absence, Madeleine West will reprise her role as Toadie’s first wife Dee Bliss it has been revealed.

Long-time fans will recall that Dee died after the car that her and Toadie were driving along in wound up in the ocean – just mere minutes after the wedding with her body never recovered.

In shocking news for neighbours fans Dee is very much alive and has been plotting her return for maximum chaos.

Dee’s return will not be an easy one with her also having a secret past with Toadie’s wife Sonya, who she unknowingly met overseas recently.

Madeleine west is beyond excited to return to the Neighbours set next week. Fans have been asking for this return for years and now is the perfect time to finally finish off the character’s journey over a number of years, an insider said.

Madeleine’s first scenes will air later this year.

Neighbours airs 6:30 Weeknights on Eleven

Update For those that haven’t guessed this story is an April Fools Joke.