Madeleine West dons the blonde again as she returns to Erinsborough

Madeleine West dons the blonde again as she returns to Erinsborough

It’s been the storyline that just keeps on giving, and tonight Neighbours returns to its most intriguing (and somewhat never-ending) storyline.

That plotline is, of course, the mystery of just who Madeleine West is playing – Dee? Andrea? Some long-lost cousin? When we last saw her as scheming Andrea Somers in February, she told Sonya (Eve Morey) about an encounter she had with a strange man who thought she was someone else – a woman who looks just like her. Just before she passed away, Sonya confided in Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) who has kept this bombshell secret from Toadie (Ryan Moloney) this entire time.

Following on from last night’s cliffhanger, which saw Mark (Scott McGregor) find out that Andrea now resides in Geelong, Shane sets out to visit her himself before saying anything to Toadie. Andrea finally agrees to speak to him, telling him more of the Salamanca Markets story.

Unsure of whether she’s telling the truth given her lying and manipulative past, Shane asks for Andrea’s help in getting to the truth, but at what cost and just what does Andrea want in exchange?

And more importantly, how is Toadie going to react when he finds out what’s going on?

You will have to watch and find out, but Neighbours has promised answers and tonight will see the beginning of the final arc of the show’s most intriguing sagas, two years after it started.

Strap yourselves in a for a DEElicious journey that is only just getting started. This is one final chapter that you won’t want to miss!


Neighbours airs 6:30pm on 10Peach.