Maddy Makes a Splash

Maddy the hot bombshell has arrived and the girls are wary, as Maddy proves she is not afraid to step on anyone’s toes.

She pulls Mitch for a chat, and despite the fact he has had only eyes for Phoebe, admits to her he is open and not 100 percent locked in.

Austen and Claudia have a romantic date on the terrace where they share their first proper kiss as a couple.

In the bedroom, Conor and Jessica have another argument as he talks strategy. Jess storms out of the bedroom, she sees so many red flags in Conor and doesn’t think he is genuine. Conor wants her to give him one more chance. They go to sleep angry at each other.

Mitch admits to Phoebe he flirted with Maddy and tells her about their conversation, Phoebe isn’t happy. She chats with the girls and is in tears, on the outside world she is usually second best and doesn’t want to feel the same in the villa. The first serious cracks are forming with Mitch and Phoebe, who have been strong since the beginning.

Mitch gets a text for our second challenge in the villa, Poles Apart. Our Islanders are introduced to the Superfans and have to answer questions based on different scenarios and guess the percentage. The Superfans will be a new feature of this year’s Love Island Australia and will play a role in challenges, and in recouplings/dumpings.

In the challenge one question gets everyone talking – only 20 percent of the Superfans think Mitch and Phoebe will be boyfriend and girlfriend. This infuriates Mitch, and makes Phoebe think she is missing something that the Superfans are seeing in Mitch.

After the challenge Holly and Tak have a chat, while they like each other there is no spark, so they decide to end things and just be friends.

Mitch and Phoebe make up after a tough few hours, Phoebe doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Night falls and Layla gets a text, “all Islanders to the fire pit immediately”. Maddy can steal any partner – where she promptly steals Mitch from Phoebe, which shocks the others.  Phoebe gets the last line however, telling Maddy that “Mitch is still my boy”.

A drama packed episode for one of the strongest couples in the villa, Mitch and Phoebe.


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