Maddi and Lloyd’s house makes House Rules History

Maddi and Lloyd’s house makes House Rules History

House Rules history has been made.

Just a week after walking off set distraught from finishing last on the leaderboard, Lisa was again overcome with tears But this time it was with tears of joy when she and partner Adam recorded perfect scores in Queensland.


The 29-year-old HR manager from Melbourne and her chippie fiancé, 31, are the first House Rules contestants to ever record a score of 10 from judges, Joe Snell and Wendy Moore, and the homeowners.

North Queensland couple Maddi and Lloyd fought back emotion when assessing Team VIC‟s kitchen and guest bedroom zone which was exactly to brief, offering a „dream island‟ bench and a „laid back coastal‟ feel.  “I can‟t believe you were in a tent and you still pulled that zone out of your hat,” said Maddi. “Thank you.”

Branded „dark horses‟ by judge Wendy despite their poor score in last week‟s renovation, Lisa and Adam‟s effort placed them on top of the leaderboard, five points clear of nearest rivals Team NSW on 25.


Candy and Ryan also received strong praise from the judges for their main bathroom, hallway and study  zone. Joe was particularly impressed with their “sophisticated” LED lighting choice in the bathroom. “You guys continue to achieve a high standard in this competition,” he said. “Now my advice is that next week you  lift the bar even higher.” Joe scored them an 8 while Wendy went one better with a 9.

WA grandparents Carole and Russell, who remain on top of the overall leaderboard after five renovations,  placed third with their living room and ensuite which offered the first double shower in the competition. Joe told the Perth pair that their decision to expose rafters in the living room was a “masterstroke”.

The judges were far less complimentary toward the Tassie and SA teams, both copping harsh criticism. Brooke and Grant‟s “secret weapon” hessian ceiling misfired with the judges, who said it looked like a “camp site”.

Bomber and Mel‟s failure to adhere to the House Rules cost them dearly, pushing Team SA into last place. “Well done for embracing the less is more approach this week,” Wendy said. “But you ignored the key House Rule of „laid back coastal‟. At this stage of the competition, that‟s a mistake you can‟t afford to make.”

Queensland homeowners Maddi and Lloyd scored the teams out of 10:

VIC Lisa & Adam (kitchen, guest bedroom) 10

NSW Candy & Ryan (main bathroom, hall, study) 8

WA Carole & Russell (living room, ensuite) 8

TAS Brooke & Grant (master bedroom, WIR, linen closet, back deck) 6

SA Bomber & Mel (entry, dining room, laundry, front deck) 6

After the judges scres were added in the leader board looked like this

hr scores after house

With a mortgage of $369,000 engaged homeowners Maddi and Lloyd have been struggling to pay off their Queenslander and save for a wedding, but now say they have the perfect venue for the nuptials. “One of my dreams is to have a nice barbecue wedding at the house,” said Maddi. “This is our forever home.”


The win for Lisa and Adam was a double-edged sword with the Victorians given the „honour‟ of choosing which team would camp in the tent at the next renovation in Adelaide at Bomber and Mel‟s home. When Lisa asked for volunteers, Brooke offered-up Team NSW but the outburst backfired on the Tasmanians. “I was about to say we‟ll take it,” said Ryan. “And then Brooke turned around and said „What about NSW? They haven‟t been in the tent‟. And I thought „You know what? Bugger ya!‟”

Adam and Lisa decided the only fair option would be to go off the overall leaderboard rankings. As the home of Team SA will be renovated next, second-last placed Brooke and Grant will be camping once again.


Team NSW, still smarting after Brooke and Grant‟s “strategic scoring” last week, were delighted. “The karma bus has just come and it‟s parked in Tassie‟s front lawn,” said Ryan, smiling. “All aboard!”


House Rules airs  Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm and continues Sunday at 6.30pm before the finalhome reveal on Monday at 7.30pm on Seven


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