Mackenzie meets her dad

Mackenzie  meets her dad

It’s been building for weeks, and tonight Neighbours finally has Mackenzie meet her dad.

Regular viewers will be aware that Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) came to Erinsborough last month, seeking Shane’s (Nicholas Coghlan) help to track down her father, Grant. In doing so, Shane has had to face the ramifications of advice he gave Grant years ago, which led to him burning all her feminine belongings, unable to accept Mackenzie for who she is.

Shaken up by the revelation that Grant’s act of cruelty stemmed directly from advice he had give, Shane vows to help Mackenzie find her estranged father. And when we left him last night, that’s exactly what Shane had finally managed to do.

Mackenzie is a ball of nerves over seeing Grant again, electing to have Dipi (Sharon Johal) at her side if all goes wrongs. When Gran (Paul Mercurio) arrives at Harold’s, Mackenzie introduces herself. But confronted by seeing Mackenzie as a female, he deadnames her, calling her Michael.

Will they be able to find a way forward and reconnect, or will this long-awaited reunion be over before it’s even started?

Georgie and Paul both give fanatic performances, injecting all the emotion it needed and more. It’s a must-see episode in one of Neighbours’ most groundbreaking storyline’s.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on 10 Peach