Lynn and Tony exit MKR and a twist is revealed

Lynn and Tony exit MKR and a twist is revealed

Last Night My Kitchen Rules said farewell to another team and drooped a twist that no one saw coming.

Queensland team Lynn and Tony hanging up their aprons for good after scoring just 48 during the Group 3 round with Colin Fassnidge.

 The married cleaners originally from South Africa had been sitting in last place since their disastrous instant restaurant, The Serengeti.  Despite Lynn ’s love of shopping, she was not happy to arrive home from grocery shopping to find their countdown clock had already began. And after setting up their dining room, they had just one hour and 40 minutes to prep their three course meal. The lack of time set the scene for a night of errors and bad luck.

The entrée of peri peri prawns with cucumber and apple salad was coming along well until Tony added a quarter cup of white wine vinegar instead of a quarter of a teaspoon to their peri peri mayonnaise. “That’s disgusting,” said Lynn and ordered him to start again. But time was against them as the hero of their entrée, the prawns, were already in the oven.

On the second attempt he again added too much with half a teaspoon. “It’s a disaster in a bowl. We cannot plate it,” said Tony. “I’ve botched up two batches of mayonnaise. We cannot start a third batch.”Their guests were not impressed with their efforts and their dish really suffered from not having the peri peri mayonnaise. Jane said: “I was expecting spices to smack me in the face. I’m not a fan of spice, but I was disappointed there wasn’t more flavour.” Steve declared it “the worst dish that has been put up in the competition so far”.

 Tony’s math again got them in strife with their poor man’s bolo main when he only cooked nine sweet potato rounds instead of 11. I’m really, really angry now,” said Lynn . “And I’m frustrated that this is the second time an element hasn’t been done properly.”

Their dish wasn’t helped by the fact they couldn’t source the cut of meat they wanted and what they end up serving is dry and chewy. Not even the butcher girls can discern what cut of meat they have been served. “I just wanted a meal full of hearty flavour. We waited longer than expected and we’re just disappointed,” said Drasko.

Staring down a third dish that didn’t go according to plan, Lynn served her African money bags with tears escaping. But keeping her sense of humour in check she tells her guests: “When serving money bags you have to cry. It’s good luck.  But luck was not on their side and their score of 48 saw them exit the competition.

After Lyn and Tony were eliminated Pete and Manu returned to the kitchen for another surprise twist. “You’re all hungry to move forward in the competition,” host Pete Evans told the teams . “But for some of you that’s not going to happen. Only the best will enter kitchen headquarters.”

With that, the bottom two teams from each group were thrown into a bonus instant restaurant round. The teams going around the country once more are:

Annie & Lloyd – SA

Kat & Andre – WA

Katie & Nikki – NSW

Emma & Jane – VIC

Sheri & Emilie – QLD

Eva & Debra – WA

Tonight Adelaide sweethearts Annie and Lloyd are back in the Mystic Hollow kitchen to hopefully better their initial score of 45.

My Kitchen Rules airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on Seven.