Lucifer rises again on Netflix (review)

Netflix has rescued Lucifer from the pits of cancellation, but is this new season worth the wait?

When we left Lucifer at the end of season 3, Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German, Chicago Fire) had finally come to face with Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis Isn’t it Romantic ) true nature. We were left with questions and now we finally get some answers.

When we pick things up in this new season, things are understandably a bit messy with our heroes, but not much time has passed at all when Lucifer gets paid a visit from his past. Meanwhile, Dan (Kevin Alejando True Blood) is still grieving following his lover, Charlotte’s (Tricia Helfer Powers) death, while Ella (Aimee Garcia Dexter) is not her usual cheery self. Elsewhere, Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brand The Librarians ) has to finally deal with Trixie (Scarlett Estevez Bunk’d) overhearing her being referred to as a “stupid little brat”, and Amenadiel (DB Woodside 24) has to find his place in the world after getting his wings back. Finally, Linda (Rachel Harris Suits) has one of the most intriguing story arcs, but you ‘ll have to tune in to find out what it is.

While I won’t divulge anything about how the cliffhanger is resolved, I will say that it’s done in a way that sets up the new season nicely. The season sees three new arrivals – Eve (Inbar Lavi Imposters ), the original sinner who married Adam ; Father Kinley (Graham McTavish Outlander), a priest who is committed to keeping mankind safe; and Remiel (Vinessa Vidotto Piper in the Woods), who is Amenadiel’s younger sister who struggles to live up to his expectations.

After devouring all 10 episodes for this review, Lucifer’s fourth season may have moved broadcasters but the tone is still the same – it’s just a touch darker and sexier – and while the episodes are only slightly longer, rest assured that everything we know and love about this series is safely intact. Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich deliver a season full of twists and turns.

This season is definitely worth the torturous wait, so deep-dive back into Lux and let the devil reveal your deepest desires.


4/5 stars


Lucifer begins Wednesday, May 8 on Netflix.