Love Island’s First Recoupling leads to a Bombshell

Love Island’s First Recoupling leads to a Bombshell

It’s a tense night in the Love Island Australia villa as our Islanders are called to the firepit where Sophie enters and lets them know one Islander will be dumped tonight.

The new bombs Callum and Tak get first pick to recouple, Callum chooses Layla while Tak couples up with Holly. 

Now it’s the girls turn to pick who they want to recouple up with. 

Phoebe picks Mitch, and says some beautiful words about their blooming romance.

Claudia picks Austen, after the drama they can now call themselves a couple.

Jessica picks Conor, she says she is seeing a softer side to him.

That leaves Stella to choose between Jordan or Andre. Stella goes with her heart and choses Jordan. She believes while her and Andre were getting along well, deep down there was no sparks there. In tears, Stella speaks to Andre and they end on a good note as our first Islander leaves the villa.

The next day is a fresh start. Holly and Tak get to know each other more, as do Layla and Callum.

The villa is then rocked when both Austen and Callum get a text to go on a date with a new bombshell, Maddy.

Maddy works in HR, is 26 and from Perth, tall and blonde. 

Claudia in particular isn’t dealing with the fact Austen is going on a date with Maddy, and she makes that very clear. 

The dates with Maddy, Callum and Austen take place on the beach. Callum is his usual flirty self whilst Austen makes it clear to Maddy he only has eyes for Claudia.

The boys return to the villa with Maddy and she immediately rubs the girls up the wrong way, making it clear she wants to get to know all the boys.

At a truth or dare game at night, Maddy kisses Austen and Mitch, which upsets Phoebe. The girls think Maddy is trouble and is going to stir up the villa.


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