Love Island Returns to Spain

Love Island Returns to Spain

aLove Island Australia is back in stunning Spain, and our Islanders are all ready to find love.

Sophie Monk is also back as the host.  The brand new villa in Mallorca looks incredible as our excited cast get ready to start their Love Island Australia journey.

This year we have six girls who arrive on the jeep to the villa. Claudia, 23, from Adelaide, Stella, 24, from Brisbane, Jessica, 25 from Western Sydney, Layla, 20, from Melbourne, Holly, 25 from Brisbane, originally from the UK, and Phoebe, 22, from Sydney. The girls get to know each other before Sophie arrives to say hello and have a drink.  Sophie lets the girls know that this time things are going to be a bit different, our girls will get to ask the boys some questions before coupling up.

It’s the boys turn and one by one they arrive as the girls throw questions at them.  Mitchell, 25, a Kiwi from Sydney, Andre, 24 from Perth, Conor, 26 from Sydney, Jordan, 25 from the Gold Coast, and Austen, 22 from Western Sydney all arrive and get to know the girls.

Another twist this year, as there is one extra girl, there will be one girl left who is single.

The boys now have the power and one by one, Sophie asks the girls to stand forward for the guys they like and we have our first couples.

Mitchell:  Stella and Phoebe step forward, and he chooses Phoebe.

Andre: Jessica steps forward, but he choses Claudia.

Conor: Holly and Jess step forward, but he picks Layla.

Jordan: No one steps forward, he then steals Claudia.

Austen: Holly, Layla and Stella step forward. He steals Layla.

Andre, who is single, then picks Stella.

Conor, who is single, then picks Jessica.

That leaves Holly the single girl and vulnerable, she will have to get grafting.

Our Islanders get to know each other and already there are sparks flying. Conor goes in for the kiss minutes after having his first chat with Jessica. While she likes it, she and some of the other girls see red flags straight away. Meanwhile Jordan is fast winning fans among the girls and is the early favourite, despite no one standing for him at the beginning.

We have our first night party and a game of truth and dare. Austen and Layla share a passionate first kiss. Jessica’s red flag feeling with Conor comes true after he kisses Claudia. She tells him she doesn’t want to be led on.

The following day Holly gets a text that she gets to speed date all the boys. The girls, in particular Jessica, Claudia and Phoebe are a bit jealous as they watch on from the balcony.

Night falls and Jessica gets a text to head to the fire pit. Holly can now choose to couple up with any of the boys. She stands and chooses her steal, picking Jordan, claiming she is in the villa for herself and goes with her heart.

Claudia stands and gets a text – she must pack her bags and leave the villa – everyone is shocked.


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