Love Island Favorite dumped from the Villa

The final weeks of Love Island are here.

Phoebe apologies to both Austen and Claudia after they pull her for a chat. 

There are lots of positive love stories growing in the villa as we near the end of Love Island Australia. Claudia and Austen back on track, Mitch and Tina look like they are back to normal, Callum and Mads are seriously vibing and Phoebe and Mitchell are madly in love. 

The boys cook all the girls breakfast to show their love. 

After a dramatic few days and with the help of his best friends Callum and Mitchell, Austen tells Claudia he loves her while having a romantic bath surrounded by rose petals. Claudia says it back, and they announce to the villa they’re in love. 

Al makes Jess an omelette and do a shoey together and after their rocky week, those two now appear to be back on track. 

At night, Sophie arrives announcing the final recoupling. 

Claudia couples up with Austen.

Tina couples up with Mitch.

Jess couples up with Al.

Phoebe couples up with Mitchell.

Mads couples up with Callum.

Stella couples up with Hugh. 

Jordan, one of the OG boys, is dumped from the Island. It is an emotional goodbye all round. 


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