Love Island Australia announces Season 2 Launch Cast

Love Island Australia announces Season 2 Launch Cast

Ahead of its launch next week 9 has announced the first 11 Islanders for the new season of Love Island Australia.

Australia’s most beautiful cast is just days away from meeting each other for the first time in their own luxury villa. The beautiful singles will play the ultimate game of love and lust in a format that has taken the world by storm.

With their stunning looks, washboard stomachs and perfectly toned legs, the initial 11 Islanders are:

(L-R) Cartier, 19, Lifeguard from Sydney; Jessie, 23, Waitress from Hobart; Vanessa, 24, Businesswoman from Sydney; Cynthia, 23, Model from Brisbane; Cassie, 27, Executive Assistant from Sydney; Eoghan, 24, Real Estate Agent from Gold Coast; Gerard, 23, Personal Trainer from Perth; Matt, 24, Wrestler/model from Melbourne; Adam, 27, Plasterer from Gold Coast; Maurice, 27, Media Executive from Sydney; and Sam, 28, International DJ from Melbourne.


They are all hoping to find romance, passion and the one. The Islanders immediately ‘couple up’ and share a bed with each other, resulting in either a recipe for disaster, or a saucy dish full of sugar and spice. But don’t think for a minute they can get too comfortable, with new Islanders regularly entering the villa to test all the relationships.

Screening Monday to Friday, each episode of the show will air within 24 hours of being filmed. At the end of the series, the winning couple (as voted by the public) is handed a pot of money to start their new lives together, but there’s a catch: one is given the chance to share the money or walk away with it all for themselves. Were they after love or money all along?

Monday, October 7 at 8.45pm on Nine