Love and Death Review

Love and Death Review

Today Binge releases the hotly-anticipated mini-series Love and Death.

In Love and Death, we meet Candy Montgomery (Elizabeth Olsen), a church-going, choir-singing, good-natured Texan who seems content in suburban life. She’s married to Pat (Patrick Fugit), but an encounter at a volleyball match with family friend Allan (Jesse Plemons) sees Candy embark on trying to seduce him with the offer of an affair. Allan initially refuses due to the love he has for his wife Betty (Lilly Rabe), who is clearly struggling with depression and is always on edge.

But it’s not long before he eventually succumbs to temptation and the pair put their plan into action. A lot of time is spent planning and rule-making, with the two key rules being the simple ‘not falling for one another’ and ‘not getting found out by their spouses.’

Things seem to go well for a while, but it seems Betty is slowly growing more and more suspicious that something is going on. Not to mention that she has an axe to grind.

Things for these two couples will never be the same again.

Love and Death, adapted by David E. Kelley, is based on a real life case, and after the axe has been swung, the narrative follows the fallout in a compelling trial.

Olsen is given her best work to date with a masterful and layered performance, meanwhile Plemons and Rabe also shine throughout.

Compelling and captivating, Love and Death delivers a tale worth tuning in for.

4 Stars

Love and Death premieres the first three episodes today, with the remaining four episodes rolling out every Thursday.


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