Long Lost Families to be reunited on Ten.

Long Lost Families to be reunited on Ten.

Network Ten tonight announced a key addition to its 2016 content line-up: the inspiring and compelling series Long Lost Family.

Hosted by Chrissie Swan and Anh Do, Long Lost Family reveals the uplifting and often heartbreaking stories of people who have been searching for lost family members for years, with no success.

With the help and support of Chrissie and Anh, each family member is guided through the emotional process of searching for the loved ones they are so anxious to find. Viewers will experience first-hand the detective work and complex process of finding a lost relative before they are reunited. Often uncovering hidden family secrets, the searches can span the world and answer questions that have shaped entire lives.

Chrissie Swan said: “The idea that people all over Australia are living their lives with the loss and longing associated with missing someone important to them is unimaginable to me.

“That I am even allowed to hear their stories and help them find their loved ones is an incredible privilege. I think we can all look forward to being moved and uplifted by the beautiful people in this incredible television series that I am deeply proud to be involved with.”

Anh Do said: “I love this show because it’s about family, about belonging, about one’s place in the world… all the big questions in life.”

Network Ten Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Long Lost Family is a proven success in the UK and a hit with critics and viewers alike.

“We feel very honoured to be able to create an Australian version that will reunite families from all walks of life after years, sometimes decades, of separation. and  we are delighted that Chrissie and Anh have agreed to join Long Lost Family and to help people as they find each other and are reunited,” she said.

“Production has started and the stories that have been unearthed at this early stage are extraordinary and deeply moving. Long Lost Family is an inspiring, warm and uplifting /viewing experience for the whole family.”

WTFN Director of Content, Steve Oemcke, said: “At a time when the words ‘reality television’ are tossed around so frequently about content that is often far from reality, Long Lost Family stands out like a beacon. Real people, real stories, real emotions and real results – that is Long Lost Family.”

Long Lost Family also features licensed private investigator Julia Robson, who will help locate the lost family members and provide crucial updates on the searches, utilising every piece of evidence to trace the missing person.

Long Lost Family is produced by WTFN for Network Ten and will launch in 2016.