LOL: Last One Laughing trailer

Amazon Prime Video has released the official trailer of its upcoming Australian Original LOL: Last One Laughing, hosted by Rebel Wilson and featuring a star-studded cast of ten Australian comedians.

Hosted by Rebel Wilson, LOL: Last One Laughing Australia, captures 10 professional comedians that go head to head to see who can keep a straight face while simultaneously trying to make their opponents laugh in this first-of-its-kind comedy social experiment. Comedians who laugh will be eliminated one-by-one, until a single comedian remains. With $100,000 on the line, who will Rebel crown the Last One Laughing?

In this 6-hour competition, there are no rules. Comedians can say and do whatever they like, except laugh. Laugh softly, and you’ll receive a yellow card violation. A second offence will earn you a red card elimination and cost you the game. Missing out on $100,000 is no laughing matter!

The first two episodes will launch on Friday, June 19, episodes three and four will release on the following Friday, June 26, and the fifth and sixth (finale) episodes will air on Friday, July 3.