Locky’s Not-So-Picture-Perfect Date gets intruded upon

Locky’s Not-So-Picture-Perfect Date gets intruded upon

We met everyone so lets get our date on………….

After earning roses at the first rose ceremony, our bachelorettes were acclimating to life in the mansion and each other. When Osher arrived with the first single date card, Bella was ecstatic to hear that she’d been chosen for some solo time with Locky.


All aboard! Bella arrived at Sydney Harbour to find Locky captaining a sail boat. After taking a spin on the high seas, they drop anchor for a chat and champagne.

Discussing their passion for travel, but desire for a travel buddy, Bella and Locky were shocked to learn how much they had in common. While swimming in the ocean, Locky presented Bella with a rose, and the duo shared the first kiss of the season.

The next day, Locky’s pick of bachelorettes arrived at the group date for a photoshoot that would appear in newspapers nationwide. Role playing a ‘love story’ in front of the camera, the ladies were ready to strike a pose.

The first set up was a blind date with Nicole as the bartender, and Areeba and Zoe-Clare as Locky’s dates. After getting off on the wrong foot at the cocktail party, the tension between Areeba and Zoe-Clare was obvious.

In the next setup, Locky met the family. With Irena playing his girlfriend, Maddy as her mum and Laura as her jealous sister, Steph earnt extra points for suiting up to play Irena’s dad. Locky was blown away by Steph’s attitude, leaving the other girls feeling slighted.

Next up, Locky and Roxi were selecting engagement rings. With Rosemary as the store clerk, Roxi was left fuming that the sales assistant had stolen the attention of her fiancé.

With all the ladies eyeing off the last photoshoot of the day, you can imagine their surprise when it went to a new bachelorette, Kaitlyn. The 26year-old Personal Assistant from Queensland arrived in a wedding dress and ready for her first dance with Locky.

The bride may have worn white, but the bachelorettes were seeing green as they watched the final snaps being taken.

As the group date ended, Osher offered Locky and Kaitlyn the chance to spend some alone time together, before announcing that the remaining ladies should get ready for a cocktail party.

Fuming that Kaitlyn had swooped in and taken time with Locky and worried they hadn’t done enough to secure a rose, the thought of a rose ceremony left the bachelorettes panicking.