Locky’s Bachelorettes make their first impressions

Locky’s Bachelorettes make their first impressions

On tonight’s heart racing premiere of The Bachelor Australia, adventure guide Locky Gilbert met 23 dazzling bachelorettes, and while sparks flew on  the red carpet, battle lines were drawn at the cocktail party as the competition to secure a rose was fierce.

First to step out of the limo was 26-year-old special needs teacher Steph. Steph was hoping to find her soul mate, preferably one who liked hot burritos.

Despite his disdain for anything spicy, Locky was impressed by Steph’s bubbly and infectious nature and was keen to get to know her better.

Next up was 29-year-old HR advisor Izzy, who also shared a love of hot foods. Encouraging Locky to bite the top off a chilli, his hilarious reaction saw her clutching for her asthma puffer.

Next to put her best foot forward was 26-year-old professional dancer Nicole. Nicole impressed Locky with her razzle dazzle dance moves and he impressed her with his willingness to give it all a crack.

Stunning 31-year-old nurse Irena had Locky’s pulse racing while 31-year-old fundraising co-ordinator Marlaina wowed with her dog Annie.

Waddling in next was 23-year-old penguin-lover Rosemary, in heels and a full penguin suit. She was glad Locky got the “penguin suit memo” and he was impressed by her bold entrance.

23-year-old sales manager Zoe-Clare arrived with beers in hand, and before she could show him her party trick, he beat her to it by opening the bottle with his teeth.

With an offer to get lei’ed we met Leilani, Juliette, Charley, Maddy, Areeba, Clare, Georgie, Bel, Gemma, Marg, Paige, Kristina and Roxi, before fireworks and Lebanese beating drums welcomed in Nadine.

Less than impressed with all the fanfare was self-confessed snob Laura who felt it was all a bit too “extra”. While the 24-year-old marketing co-ordinator was keen to see how much Locky would spend on her birthday present, he was eager to get her thoughts on visiting his second home, Bali. Her reaction? Priceless.


Next to arrive was 25-year-old marketing consultant Bella, and Locky was instantly lost in her eyes. Bella gifted him a heart to pin so he could remember to always wear his heart on his sleeve.

Then Osher arrived at the cocktail party to let them know that, in worldwide Bachelor first, there was a ‘Triple Threat Rose’ up for grabs. The lady lucky enough to receive the rose would get a guaranteed single date, group date and a special invitation to the Bachelor pad for some alone time.

Locky told the girls of the importance of seizing each moment. While Rosemary stripped off her penguin suit to reveal a dazzling black dress, ZoeClare saw this as an opportunity to grab Locky for a chat.

Their short time together was interrupted by Areeba, who was ready to make an impression and mark her territory.

Areeba’s actions left a sour taste in Zoe-Clare’s mouth and she told the group she felt disrespected and invisible. As the night progressed, Zoe-Claire convinced herself that Areeba had intentionally put a target on her back because of her red hair.

Later, Zoe-Clare confronted Areeba and told her that her actions were inexcusable and rude. Unphased and unbothered, Areeba brushed the comments off.

Shielded from the drama, a few of the girls set out to get to know Locky on a deeper level. Nurse Irena pulled out a stethoscope to feel his heartbeat, Bella echoed their initial spark and Nicole discovered they had a similar love for travel and spontaneity.

After recreating the classic lift from Dirty Dancing together, it came to no surprise that Locky gifted Nicole the Triple Threat Rose.

At the rose ceremony, with only 21 roses to give out, Locky said goodbye to Nadine and Paige.