Locky gets Cocky in SAS Adaptability Task

Locky gets Cocky in  SAS Adaptability Task

Tonight on SAS Australia, tempers flared and a feud erupted between Locky Gilbert and Pauly Fenech during a punishing vehicle extraction task.

The confrontation escalated when a frustrated Locky called Pauly a c*nt and the pair struggled to see eye-to-eye for the rest of the day, even after Pauly tried calling for a truce.

The DS later questioned Pauly over the day’s fiery clash.

“I didn’t like being disrespected by Lachlan,” said Pauly. “I’ve been bullied enough in my life. If you want to push me around you can go and get f*cked, it’s simple as that.”

Locky’s cavalier attitude in the morning’s Tunnel Rat task had already caught the eye of the DS, with Chief Instructor Ant Middleton telling Locky he was “too cocky”.

Back at base, convicted drug dealer Richard Buttrose regaled recruits with more tall tales from prison. Pro-boxer Ebanie Bridges revealed a lucrative side hustle selling her dirty socks.

During Ebanie’s interrogation, while attempting to understand why she’s been so hard on herself, the DS were surprised to learn she is also a maths teacher with two degrees and a masters.  

On the subject, Ebanie revealed: “I’m a perfectionist, I just want to f*cking do good. Everyone has always told me I’m very tough on myself. I could probably save myself a lot of mental stress if I chilled a little bit, but it’s just how I’m wired.”


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