Locky Chooses His Top Five Ladies.

Locky Chooses His Top Five Ladies.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, things got steamy between the Bachelorettes and Locky during an intimacy coach lesson, Irena told Locky she was falling in love with him, and during a tense cocktail party and rose ceremony we saw three girls sent home.

Guided by intimacy coach Georgia Grace, Locky and the Bachelorettes competed in an exercise that stimulated their senses. As Locky stood blindfolded, the ladies were encouraged to leave a mark on the part of his body that they missed the most.

Kaitlyn, Bec and Izzy kissed his neck, Juliette painted his back, Maddy gently stroked his hand with her fingertips and Bella and Irena both left their marks on his heart.

Although Locky appreciated all their thoughtful gestures, he was most impressed with Steph who chose bravely to lock lips with him. Taking her away for some private time, Locky struggled to find a deeper connection with her and did not give her a rose.

Locky rocked up to the mansion with a Kombi van, inviting Irena on an adventure-filled date. After an afternoon of mountain bike riding, Irena confessed to Locky that she had completely fallen in love with him.

The next day, Izzy was invited on a single date. As she and Locky completed tasks and answered questions around life’s big events, it was evident that their wants for their future aligned.

At the cocktail party, a fed-up Juliette confronted Locky over where she stood with him. Deciding the spark just wasn’t there for him, Locky sent her home.

Bella pulled Locky aside to tell him about the web of lies Irena had spun and that she thought she was being fake. Unfortunately for Bella, the chat backfired.

Disappointed in Bella’s behaviour, Locky halted the rose ceremony to pull her aside and let her know he felt. Bella promised Locky that she would refocus her attention on their relationship, reminding him about how deep their affection for each other was.

This assured Locky enough to give Bella the final rose, and Steph and Maddy were sent home.