Living and Dining Room week kicks off

Tom and Sarah-Jane wake up very happy after receiving three tens from judges Darren, Shaynna and Neale. It’s the first perfect score since Sarah and George got three tens for landscape week in Brighton in 2020.

At the Domain Open For Inspections everyone is very positive although Omar and Oz don’t think the 2022 buyer are going to love Tom and Sarah-Jane’s kitchen. Oz described it as a ‘farmy’ kitchen. 

It’s living and dining room week and they are some of the largest rooms in the history of The Block. The five rooms combined are bigger than the entire footprint of the first series of The Block back in Bondi in 2003. 

Tom pulls the hipages lever to do the facade of House No.1, he forgot to tell his wife though.

Omar and Oz are husting to get a baby grand piano for their living room. The piano will cost $36,000 but they have got the price down to $8000 and perhaps even lower. But is this against Block rules, is it too much of a bargain? 

Supply issues are impacting the whole of Australia and this includes The Block. The issue this week is insulation PIR boards from CSR, there are none left in Australia.  All the contestants need them to be able to deliver a room this week.

Rachel and Ryan have a blow up at each other as Rachel doesn’t think Ryan is keeping enough of an eye on the budget, Rachel does have a new attitude after so much heartache in judging the past few weeks, she is determined to get the win.

Sarah-Jane and Rachel head to Aldi for a gossip and a shop, a strong friendship is growing between the pair.


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