Listening to Kenny G heads to Binge

Listening to Kenny G heads to Binge

The documentary film Listening to Kenny G, part of the Music Box series, directed by Penny Lane (Hail Satan?) and executive produced by Bill Simmons (Andre the GiantShowbiz Kids)

The film investigates the artist formerly known as Kenneth Gorelick, unravelling the allure of the man who played jazz so smoothly that a whole new genre formed around him, and questioning fundamental assumptions about art and excellence in the process. It takes a humorous but incisive look at the best-selling instrumental artist of all time, and quite possibly one of the most famous living musicians.

In addition to Listening to Kenny G, BINGE will also deliver the following Music Box documentary series in December:  

  • DMX: Don’t Try to Understand (4 December): A focus on a year in the life of rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons as he is released from prison in early 2019 and attempts to rebuild his career in the music industry and reconnect with family and fans; directed by Christopher Frierson.
  • Mr. Saturday Night (19 December): The untold story of Robert Stigwood, the impresario behind “Saturday Night Fever” and its record-breaking disco soundtrack; directed by John Maggio.

The Music Box documentary films Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage and Jagged are available to stream now on BINGE. 

Saturday 11 December on Binge.


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