Life Sentence to Air on Seven

Next week Seven will begin the short-lived drama Life Sentence.

The 2018 series features Lucy Hale as a woman who, now cured from cancer, must deal with choices she made after living life like there was no tomorrow. It aired in the US in March and consists of 13 episodes.

When Stella Abbott finds out her cancer is cured after several years of treatments, her life starts changing for the worse. First, she finds out her mother, Ida, is having an affair with her friend, who is also Stella’s godmother, Poppy. Then, while Stella babysits her sister Elizabeth’s children, she begins to feel like her husband, Wes, has been hiding things from her for the whole of their six-month marriage. To pile it all together, Stella’s brother, Aiden, has been guilt-tripping hot married women into sleeping with him by using Stella’s cancer, including Marlene, his latest conquest. As Stella hosts a thank-you party for her doctor, she figures it might be an easy way to fix all her family’s problems in one go, however everything seemingly continues to get worse. She returns to the hospital and looks at the view of the city from her old hospital bed. As she speaks to another cancer patient, Sadie, she realizes that Wes is always going to be there for her. The two reconcile and Stella starts to see her family become healthier.

10:30pm Monday August 27 on Seven.