Life in Pieces and The Odd Couple return

Ten is finally returning two US comedies to the Monday line up.

Life in Pieces will air in double episodes after I’m a Celebrity. Ten will pick up from episode 20 of season 1.wich aired in the US in March 2016.

Prank Assistant Gum Puppy/ Cinderella Fantasy Prom Dougie

Greg is jealous of Jen’s handsome new assistant. Heather and Tim prank Tyler’s school. John takes his new puppy on a date with Colleen and her dog, and Sophia chews gum despite Heather forbidding it. meanwhile when his favourite sports team needs a boost, Tim reprises the Cinderella dress he wore in college, which he swears will work its magic.

9pm Monday on Ten

It will be followed by the third season ofThe Odd Couple. This season has just 13 episodes which aired in the US last October.

“London Calling”/ Food Fight

Oscar faces a true dilemma when he’s forced to choose between his romantic plans with Charlotte and helping keep a distraught Felix from completely falling apart. Later  Oscar rashly enlists Felix to help him save his favourite hangout, which is in financial trouble.

10pm Monday on Ten