Leonardo Review

Leonardo Review
Leonardo - Season 1 - Episode 101

Paramount+ takes another dive into history this week with a focus on Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo opens in Milan 1506 where Leonardo da Vinci (Aidan Turner) is being arrested for poisoning Caterina da Cremona (Matilda De Angelis).

After protesting his innocence to Stefano Giraldi (Freddie Highmore, The Good Doctor), a talented young officer of the Podesta, we then flashback as Leonardo remembers back to his days as an apprentice in Andrea del Verrochino’s (Giancarlo Giannini) studio. Here he meets model Caterina, and with their relationship starting on rocky ground, it’s clear that she’s Leonardo’s muse, so would he really poison her?

Only time will tell in regards to that question, but as we delve into the life of the man who is considered one of the world’s greatest artists, the series explores it all through the mystery of Caterina’s death.

Aidan Turner is no doubt compelling in the lead role as we follow the evolution into where the series begins. Matilda De Angelis continues on a role with a captivating performance.

The pilot, written by Frank Spotnitz and Steve Thompson, certainly plays with time which can be an interesting choice, but at times becomes a little distracting.

There’s more to Leonardo da Vinci than the Mona Lisa, and this series takes him on an interesting premise that is sure to please those willing to take the journey.

3 Stars

Leonardo premiers Wednesday on Paramount+


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