Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares Trailer

Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares Trailer

The official trailer and key art for the new comedy special Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares?!, has been released ahead of its December debut on BINGE. 

Following rave reviews at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and an Off-Broadway run, the special from A24 taped at EartH in London this fall.

Hot. Young. Cool. Fresh. Ripped. Hilarious. Groundbreaking. Avant-garde. These are just some of the words that comedian and writer Leo Reich uses to describe himself. In his first comedy special, this self-diagnosed important young mind faces the swirling uncertainty of our collective future, asking the big questions, such as: “Is this helping?”, “Am I hot?”, and “No offence guys but literally what is going on?” 

Treading the line between hilarious stand-up and humourless performance art, Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares?! blends songs, anecdotes, and anxious non-sequiturs in a valiant attempt to raise awareness about important social and political causes… or something.

Reich is a comedian and writer. His smash debut show “Literally Who Cares?!” was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2022 Dave Comedy Awards, Most Outstanding Show at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and culminated in an Off-Broadway run in New York and sold-out show at EartH. 

A24 production; written and performed by Leo Reich; directed by Thomas Hardiman; producers, Bríd Kirby and Chris Quaile; executive producers, A24 and Leo Reich; songs composed by Toby Marlow.

Editor’s note: LEO REICH: LITERALLY WHO CARES?! premieres Monday December 18 on BINGE and Saturday 30 December on FOX8 at 10pm and is available On Demand.


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