Lego Masters Land Of The Giants

Lego Masters Land Of The Giants

Teams enter the studio to find Hamish and Brickman comically ‘tiny’ in comparison to the gigantic objects next to them. Hamish tells the teams today is all about scale — they have 10 hours to recreate a room of the house with human-scale objects, and they will add mini-figures interacting with these objects to tell a story. BIG Brick holders, Ben & Eric from Australia decide the room each team must recreate;

Ben & Eric – BEDROOM

Shane & Dianne – KITCHEN

Krystle & Michelle – LIVING ROOM

Peter & Ida – BATHROOM

Felix & Annalena – DINING ROOM

Tasked with the kitchen, Australia’s Shane and Dianne will create a ‘Baking Gone Wrong’ scene and their mini figures will wreak havoc baking a cake. Meanwhile, Krystle and Michelle from the USA have the living room. They decide to do a ‘Retro Movie Night’, complete with 80s-inspired VHS tapes, popcorn and a big TV. Michelle, who loves to recreate life-size LEGO® builds at home, is thrilled. Hamish shows them a video message from LEGO® Masters USA host, Will Arnett which motivates them even more.

Current BIG Brick holders Ben and Eric chose the Bedroom, daring to create a battle scene of their mini figs fighting invading spiders – “Battle for the Bedroom”. This team dreams of being the next team after Germany’s Felix and Annalena to score a back-to-back win. Their rivals — Team Germany — are finding the challenge incredibly difficult. Ben and Eric gave them the dining room and apparently German people don’t have these rooms in their homes. Perplexed, Felix and Annalena struggle but decide on “The Castle & the Rat”. Brickman voices his concerns and tells them to refine their story.  After a few hours, Felix and Annalena re-work their idea. They will now build a big fight scene, with their mini figs battling a rat and cockroaches over some cheese – ‘Cheese Fight’.

Brickman checks in with Denmark’s Peter and Ida. They have the bathroom and are doing a quirky scene of the mini-figs cleaning up after a toddler ‘Potty Training’. Brickman warns them that their scale is not quite right. Brickman also visits Krystle and Michelle, concerned that their living room story is not clear enough.

Hamish visits Ben and Eric to reveal he has somehow unearthed their ‘diary’. Hamish reads out explosive entries in it to the rest of the teams, shocking them! Felix hears that Eric supposedly challenged him for a push up duel. Unperturbed, Felix accepts! It’s game on, but Felix’s worm push up technique makes him the clear winner.

With one hour to go,  the teams scramble! Peter and Ida decide to make their entire build in a smaller scale. Krystle and Michelle have pivoted to a new idea – a chaotic scene dubbed, ‘Movie Night Mayhem’. Surprisingly, Felix and Annalena feel confident about their build until Brickman suggests they make a big block of cheese. To alleviate Annalena’s stress making the cheese, Hamish tries to inspire her with phrases in German.

After a colossal 10-hour build, in today’s non elimination, time is up! Brickman is impressed by the skills of America’s Krystle and Michelle and Australia’s Shane and Dianne. Both teams secure the top two places. But there can only be one winner today and it’s Team USA, Krystle & Michelle who clinch the win, securing the BIG Brick and a guaranteed spot in the Semi Final.


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