Lego Masters Is it Fake? 2.0

In today’s episode the seven teams will have to select a real object from Hamish’s French bakery and perfectly replicated it out of LEGO® in nine hours. At the end of the build Brickman will score each build out of 20 and then the replica objects will be placed back into the French bakery where a mystery special guest, will try to spot the LEGO® objects in 60 seconds. If the contestants object remains undetected by the special guest judge, they will receive an additional 3 points.

Fresh off their third win, making them safe from today’s elimination, Felix and Annalena are determined to win the Big Brick again.  Their advantage from their previous win is 30 seconds solo inside the bakery, to choose their object ahead of the other teams.  They have challenged themselves by picking two suitcases that are full of soft wool, a very difficult object to make out of LEGO®.

Krystal and Michelle choose a radio.  Ben and Eric, steal a chessboard from Shane and Dianne.  Shane and Dianne settle on a wooden wheelbarrow, Haley and Charlie take a table under a vase of flowers.  Camille and Caroline choose a sponge cake and metallic cake stand.  Peter and Ida are initially happy with their choice of a small artwork with a golden frame but Peter soon discovers there are very limited LEGO® pieces that come in a gold colour.

With an hour of the build gone Hamish announces a LEGO® Masters twist and stops the clock. All the teams are allowed to swap their object for another item in the bakery if they are struggling. Peter and Ida jump at the chance and swap their small artwork for some brightly coloured petit cakes. Shane & Dianne also swap from the wooden wheelbarrow to an even larger artwork than Peter and Ida had returned! Although Camille and Caroline thought about changing their object, especially after Brickman advised them it was one of the harder objects to complete, they have decided to be brave and stay with their item – the cake and cake stand.

Thrilled with their object, Krystle and Michelle have chosen a bright red vintage radio and are excited to get started. Charlie and Haley have a strategy in place, they are chasing the special guests three points, hoping that their large table in the corner of the bakery will be camouflaged and not be noticed by the surprise guest! 

Felix & Annalena struggle with making the replica wool and get frustrated with each other and the challenge, but as they have immunity, they could take their foot off the peddle, but they don’t settle, they want to win again.  Brickman gives them some good advice but they both think this is the hardest challenge so far in the competition.  Peter & Ida love the challenge, now they have a new object and are so happy to have made the switch but are looking for Brickman’s 20 points not the special guests as their cakes are very front and centre.

As Charlie and Haley think they have finished, Brickman is less than thrilled, he doesn’t think the replica table looks anything like the original, the height is not accurate, and the top of the table does not look anything like the original.  Krystal and Michelle are pumped that their radio looks very similar but are worried about the dial and making it perfect.  Camille and Caroline struggle with the cake and are now focused on the 3 points from the special guest judge.

Ben & Eric have taken a big risk by selecting the object closest to the special guest, the wooden chessboard. They are focusing on Brickman’s 20 points, rather than trying to fool the eye of the special guest!  

After nine hours the builds, Brickman starts to critique each replica.  Shane and Dianne are proud as punch of their build and Brickman says this object is the second highest difficulty to pull off.  Peter and Ida are next up and after switching their painting after an hour to the petit cakes on a cake stand, it was the right decision.  Brickman is impressed by the paper details and the chocolate swirl.  Brickman says that Ben and Eric’s chessboard is the first thing the special guest will see abut he is impressed and thinks it’s the best so far.  Krystle and Michelle’s radio saw six versions of the dial made until they got to the one presented, Brickman hopes it’s not in a too prominent position to be noticed.  Camille and Caroline are worried for their cake and cake stand as it is easy to recognise that the objects are LEGO® and Brickman notes that the cake’s dome was a very hard shape to execute, they have chosen the hardest object available.  Felix & Annalena took two items, not one, which stressed them out, but Brickman is glad, he loves it.  Charlie & Haley’s table and Brickman thinks the bottom half of the table is great but he struggles to see the replica in the top portion of the table.  As they put the vast on the table, it holds and the girls are delighted, as is Brickman (and Hamish).

As the final replicas are placed back into the French bakery, it’s time to meet our special guest……Sophie Monk! Sophie gets one minute to spot the seven objects. She spots four out of seven objects with the suitcases, petite cakes on the cake stand and table remaining undetected!

Peter and Ida & Felix and Annalena are announced as the top two teams, having both being undetected by Sophie.  Peter and Ida score 17 points from Brickman and with the extra 3 points from Sophie not detecting their build, they score 20 points.  Ultimately, it’s the German team whose risk pays off with Felix & Annalena awarded 18 points from Brickman along with the extra 3 from Sophie, total ling21 and are the winners of the Big Brick for the fourth time in a row!

With two teams safe, there are five teams that remain in risk; Ben and Eric score 17 points, Shane and Diane score 16, Krystle and Michelle also score 16 points – all three teams are now safe from elimination.

After struggling with their builds Camille and Caroline & Charlie and Haley are in the bottom two. Having the hardest object to build, Brickman scores the brother/sister duo, Camille and Caroline, 15.  Charlie and Haley struggled with their build today and Brickman gives them the lowest score of 13.  Lucky for them, they were not spotted by Sophie giving the friends three bonus points and taking their score to 16, keeping the Aussie team safe. 

It’s with many tears and mixed emotions, it’s time to say goodbye to the French team, Camille and Caroline who are the second team to leave LEGO® Masters.


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