LEGO Masters Grand Masters Carousel Decides Grand Finalists

LEGO Masters Grand Masters Carousel Decides Grand Finalists

The Grand Masters teams arrive at Luna Park ready to face the penultimate challenge

. They’re met by Hamish & Brickman who take them through the entrance gates and into the theme park. They gather in front of the famous Luna Park Carousel and are briefed on the challenge. Today, they will be creating large scale builds to replace the horses on the carousel. They will be judged on aesthetics, structural integrity, and most importantly scale. They will have 16 hours to complete the challenge (which they will do back in the studio). The final creations will be mounted on the Carousel at Luna Park under the twilight of the night sky. The four teams are competing for one of three places in the Grand Finale, meaning an elimination will occur tonight – the stakes have never been higher!

Scott & Owen are quick to land on their idea of building a Honeybee, which will land on a flower.  Coming second in their previous season, the pressure is on to go one step further.  Alex & Caleb play to their strengths using humour and story in their build creating a Crocodile bathing in a bathtub.  Gabby & Ryan take on the monumental task of building a giant butterfly.  An hour in, Joss & Henry don’t have an idea and have not started building anything yet.  They have a bad case of creative block, but finally decide on a racing seahorse!  They know they can catch up the time they have lost by employing a similar build technique from their finale build of last season.

As Scott & Owen’s bee comes together at lightning speed, halfway through the build, Brickman suggests to the boys they have built their honeybee far too small. As it’s too late to redesign, their solution is to double down on detail and attempt to build a large-scale flower for the bee to sit on.   Hamish arrives in a butterfly outfit as Gabby & Ryan struggle with the wings on their build.  Brickman is concerned with Alex & Caleb’s extremely time-consuming bathtub build and that they have not started on their crocodile character yet……CRIKEY! 

Gabby & Ryan are still having drama when it comes to the wings.  They just are not big enough and Brickman continues to suggest they need to extend them bigger and bigger.  Joss & Henry face some structural issues with their seahorse.   Hamish suggests to Scott and Owen’s that their bee’s face needs some work as to the expression.  Caleb works on the crocodiles tail but it’s beyond fragile.

As judging commences, at Luna Park, the builds look spectacular as they are showcased on the Carousel.

Alex & Caleb are up first, and their Croc in a Bathtub build is praised by Brickman who gave it a double thumbs up!  Though Scott & Owen’s bee is praised by Brickman for its excellent detail work, there is issue with scale which doesn’t stack up to the others and the colour of the bee is lost amongst the Carousel.  Brickman loves Joss & Henry’s seahorse and their smart choice of colour, which makes it pop but the LEGO®angles are distracting.  Gabby & Ryan’s butterfly is praised for having lots of character in the face, but it’s the wings issue and lack of polish that Brickman is concerned about.

Alex & Caleb secure the first spot in the Grand Finale and joining them are Joss & Henry.

Tonight, the bottom two teams are Scott & Owen and Gabby & Ryan but it’s the Butterfly’s wings that let Gabby & Ryan down and ultimately, they are the ones eliminated from the competition.

The three teams in the Grand Finale tomorrow night are Alex & Caleb, Joss & Henry and Scott & Owen.  The stakes have never been higher and it’s these three impressive teams who will all fight it out to become the first ever Grand Masters Australia!


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