Lego Masters gets Windy

Lego Masters gets Windy

Teams must create a build which has a movement that is powered from the force of the wind, the winner of which will win the Titanium brick that will keep them safe if the next build is an elimination.

As well as our usual criteria of Aesthetics, Technical ability and storytelling, the contestants will have the added challenge of the Hamish Blake Bonus Point, which is awarded to any build that can withstand the strongest wind speed.

As the current holders of the Titanium brick, Joss and Henry are safe if today’s build is an elimination but they also receive a special power…They get awarded a very big fan, which manifests itself as being a very supportive Hamish. They decide to make a cute caterpillar that has climbed up onto a log, with many moving legs.

Nick and Gene are stoked with their idea, they decide to build a rocker on an amp, what is extra impressive is that they aim for two movements, a strum and headbang. Caleb and Alex are on an upward trajectory in this build, bringing together the knowledge of what they have learnt on Lego Masters, they build a wizard conjuring a spell from a spell book.

Kirsti and Daniel are in their element today, with a build that is perfect for a technical Lego builder like Dan who loves making things move. Coming up with the idea of a walking dinosaur, they are excited to make the perfect build, it’s not until Brickman suggests that they should push themselves and do a second dinosaur that things take an emotional turn.

Trent and Paul are very much out of their depth in today’s challenge, but their creativity will hopefully help as they come up with an awesome idea of a hamster in a hamster wheel. Hopefully their technical ability will be enough to make their build move. Lexi and Rachael also are a bit out of their depth due to the technical aspect of the challenge, they decide to build a beautiful spinning ballerina on a music box. Rachael is up for the technical challenge and Lexi is in her favourite role as the “character boss”, with being tasked with the responsibility of building the ballerina.Times up and all the contestants await Hamish’s wind machine, will they move, and will they withstand the full force? All teams except for Caleb and Alex, and Trent and Paul were able to make their build move whilst also withstanding the strongest wind speed. Luckily for them, the challenge wasn’t an elimination, and all teams are safe and live to see another episode.

, Joss and Henry and Nick and Gene both get the Titanium brick.


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