Lego Masters gets its Shake on

Lego Masters gets its Shake on

In Episode 6 of LEGO Masters Australia, the 7 remaining teams find Hamish and Brickman standing in front of a bridge mounted between two platforms. They soon discover that although tonight is not an elimination, their Lego building skills will be put to the test in the trickiest technical build Lego Masters has ever seen.

Combining two of the most difficult challenges from the previous series, the bridge challenge and the shaking plates challenge, teams must create a bridge that can survive not one but two shake plates. And they only have 7 hours in which to complete it. In the event of more than one bridge outlasting 12 levels of extreme shaking, the winner will be decided based on aesthetics.

Titanium Brick holders Nick and Gene have won a record breaking four times in a row and if they manage to win today for a fifth time, Hamish has promised them a plaque in the wall. They soon realise that this challenge is not something that plays to their strength and struggle during the build, graciously accepting that their winning streak is probably over.

Henry and Joss have been hot on the heels of Nick and Gene and this week they are ready to win. They are combine a strong technic design with an epic story and aesthetic of fire and ice and look set to disrupt Nick and Gene’s winning streak.

Kirsti and Dan decide build the first ever suspension bridge seen on Lego Masters, but using nothing but twelve strings to hang their structure is a huge risk. Brickman says it’s a wildcard, will it be a stroke of genius or a complete disaster?

Branko and Max use Lego bricks to dampen the inside of their towers and have a lightweight flexible design for their bridge. But when Nick and Gene’s Titatium brick advantage turns out to be “The Necklace of Nuisance” which will slow another team down. Branko’s job as an engineer paints a target on his back and they are forced to stop building until a series of Nuisances are carried out. Will the engineer’s theoretical knowledge be enough to help them make up the time lost to the nuisances?

Lexi and Rachael use the theories of past builds and combine solid brick columns with triangles for the bridge. Never having used technic before means that they are struggling to connect the bridge to the tower. Will they be able to overcome their lack of technical knowledge and create a finished bridge?

Trent and Paul are creating a railway bridge and decide that since it’s a non-elimination they are going to take a risk with their build and not attach the bridge to the columns. Their idea is that they will build the columns around the bridge, which will glide on top, but how well with their bridge dance?

Alex freely admits she doesn’t even know what engineering is, and Caleb is a law student so has limited knowledge. It’s a case of the blind leading the blind here but Caleb has the idea to create struts that will support the bridge. But with only seven hours and their limited technical knowledge will they be able to pull it off?

With the bridges complete, it’s time to shake!!! Whose bridge will survive 12 levels of shake factor? And will it come down to aesthetics? Despite the fact that their bridge is the ugliest in the room Nick and Gene’s “Heavy Boy” survives to shake factor 12. It’s universally acknowledged that any other bridge in the room will win aesthetics so if any other team survives the shake they will win. Henry and Joss come close reaching level 9 and then it’s down to Kirsti and Dan. Will their unique suspension bridge be able to survive to shake factor 12? Unfortunately not! 


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