LEGO Masters challenges with Cut Away

As our remaining seven teams enter the workshop for Episode Five of LEGO Masters Australia, they are greeted by Hamish, Brickman and a massive ship!

The ship, a two-hundred-hour, thirty-five-thousand-piece Brickman build serves as the example for today’s challenge… CUT-AWAY!

An impressive ship from one side, as Hamish and Brickman spin the build around, our teams discover that the other side has in fact, been cut in half with laser precision, revealing the intricate innerworkings of the vessel.

With ten hours on the clock, our teams’ challenge today is to build a CUT-AWAY. Something set to mini-fig scale that is whole on one side and when you spin it around, reveals a build and a world that has been completely cut in half on the other side.

For some teams, their ideas come quickly… Alex and Caleb land on an Alien Space StationLexi and Rach go grand with an 1800s Grand Hotel; while Trent and Paul lean on Paul’s Veterinarian knowledge for their Mega Bone Vet Surgery.

For other teams, their build struggles to properly get off the ground… Max and Branko change their idea three times before deciding to launch a Rocket Ship as their CUT-AWAY. While Dan and Kirsti realise mid-build that their idea of a Giant Robot Attacking a Building has totally missed the challenge brief.

For the remaining teams, they’re hoping that playing to their strengths will really reap the rewards. Joss and Henry take a gamble on twisting the brief, shoe-horning Joss’ love of creatures into making a Dragon Attacking a Viking Food Hall. While Nick and Gene’s Alpine Cuckoo Clock will need Gene’s love of technic to pay off if they’re to see a build with both a working cuckoo and a working clock.

Although, as the current Titanium Brick Holders, Nick and Gene do have something special up their sleeve… A Mystery Button!  Once pressed, it will give Nick and Gene the advantage of Hamish as a bouncer closing off the Brick Pit for an hour to all teams except Nick and Gene, giving the boys VIP Brick Pit access for a full sixty minutes!

In the end, Branko & Max and Kirsti & Daniel end up in the bottom two. Joss & Henry and Gene & Nick create beautiful builds with well told stories and end up as the top two, with Gene & Nick taking out another win and retaining the Titanium Brick.


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