Lego Masters aims for the sky

Lego Masters aims for the sky

It’s Finals Week and the final four teams arrive at Lego Masters HQ to see Brickman and Hamish standing beneath giant clouds made of LEGO bricks. Hamish tells them that this challenge is called “Sky’s the Limit”. Each team will be given a cloud and must build something which belongs on that cloud. Brickman says that this is a chance to showcase all the skills they have learned so far on LEGO Masters. He stresses that this is a complete 360-degree build – the teams need to build both above and below their clouds – and that the builds will be judged on storytelling, technical ability, and aesthetics or “pop”. Joss and Henry learn that their final advantage is to choose a cloud for each team. There are fourteen hours to complete the challenge, after which one team will be eliminated and the remaining three teams will compete in the finale.

Hamish pinkie promises that there will be no twists during this build, although Lego Masters legend Jordy does make an appearance to help tidy the brick pit and assist with time calls. When questioned, Jordy insists he’s been working behind the scenes all season.

Alex and Caleb choose to build GONE FISHIN’, a fisherman sitting in his boat atop the cloud catching birds for his fat cat. Because there are only two (rather large) characters, the detail and posing must be perfect for the story to make sense. Alex and Caleb have a lot of fun during this build, although refining the characters is very time-consuming and the cat is only finished in the last hour. Brickman loves this imaginative and silly build and thinks it is their best so far.

Lexi and Rachael decide to make a WEATHER STATION, a mini figure world where a spinning wheel determines the day’s weather. Both Lexi and Rachael struggle with building unusual shapes, especially Rachael’s twenty-sided weather wheel. Rachael is proud of the finished wheel, but unfortunately, it’s too heavy for her spinning mechanism to work. With less than an hour to go Rachael breaks down when she is unable to even attach the weather wheel to the tower. Brickman hugs a teary Rachael in the brick pit and tells her that he believes in her. Lexi comes up with an idea which allows them to affix the wheel to the tower. In storytelling, Brickman praises the build but wishes the wheel did spin, as this would connect the weather station above the cloud to the lightning and rain below the cloud.

Nick and Gene utilize all they’ve learned so far to create a RAINBOW CASTLE, a rainbow-producing castle propelled through the skies by motorised propellers and wings. Under a wizard’s spell, medieval minifigs create a rainbow from ordinary colourful objects. Brickman loves this vibrant, “poppy” contraption but thinks it is a design flaw that the rainbow below the cloud doesn’t line up with the rainbow above the cloud.

Joss and Henry desperately want to make the finale and are overwhelmed by the pressure to come up with an original idea. They eventually decide to make an AZTEC SKY GOD – the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl perched atop his temple on the cloud – but they worry this creature has some similarities to their first build in Episode One. They are paralysed with self-doubt and are off to a slow start. Joss and Henry’s spirits lift when the build finally begins to take shape at the halfway mark. With thirty minutes to go, they realize that they have forgotten to build on the bottom of the cloud and race to create lightning bolts. Brickman praises the build for its colour and technical ability but admits that he would have liked to have seen more

In The end Lexi and Rachel make a tearful exit.


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