Laura Leaves Matty J Starry-Eyed. as The Bachelor heats up

It was a big episode of The Bachelor as eight became 7.

As the only remaining Bachelorette who has not been asked on a single date, Simone was devastated when it was revealed that Laura’s name was on the single date card this week.

Excited to see Laura again, Matty picked her up from the Bachelorette mansion for their second single date, this time at the Sydney Observatory.

Before the star gazing commenced, the pair sat down with a psychic to learn more about each other. The psychic revealed that although they are highly compatible, Laura is a cautious person and it will take time for her to reveal her true self.

At the Observatory, the couple gazed into the night sky to admire the stars, before naming one after themselves. They combined the names Matty and Laura to make “Mattaura” and were excited to share this special moment together.

In an effort to let her guard down, Laura told Matty how much she cares for him, but is holding back as she is trying to protect herself from getting hurt. Her words meant a lot to Matty and the night ended in a kiss and a rose for Laura.

All of the Bachelorettes attended the group date this week and were surprised to see photos of themselves as children, printed on T-shirts.

To learn more about each other, Matty and the Bachelorettes reminisced about their favourite childhood memories by playing a range of games, with a twist.

Instead of “pin the tail on the donkey”, the Bachelorettes had to pin a love heart on their favourite part of Matty, who was blindfolded.

Simone caught Matty by surprise when she pinned the love heart on his manhood, causing the Bachelorettes to erupt in laughter.



The Bachelorettes then presented Matty with their most prized childhood possession. Elise showed Matty her “adventurer’s hat” and explained her upbringing was full of outdoor adventures, which struck a chord with Matty.


After bonding over similar childhoods, Matty chose to spend extra time with Elise. The night ended in a kiss and Elise revealed she felt a spark when she was with him.


At the cocktail party, tensions started to show when all of the Bachelorettes wanted time alone time with Matty. Tara was picked for the first chat, leaving Laura, Elora and Elise desperate for time with him.


Unfortunately, Simone did not receive a rose at the rose ceremony and Matty took her outside to wish her all the best.


On leaving the mansion, Simone said: “Even though I didn’t get a single date, I think he is an awesome guy. Anyone is going to be so lucky to be with him