Late Night Party Rocks The Block

After Steph and Gian took out the Domain Listings challenge the after party headed to Kyle and Leslie’s House No.1. It was all going fine until a whole bunch of the contestants – including Leah and Ash, and Steph and Gian – went to House No.5 to hang out at Eliza and Liberty’s house.

Kristy notices Leah is missing and asks in no uncertain terms where she is, and heads to House No.5 in a rage. When she gets there she swears and berates Leah for being at Eliza and Liberty’s house.  The Blockheads are shocked at how Kristy behaves, but Kristy herself sees no issue with it. 

The next morning Leah and Ash are shaken up after the confrontation, but it means nothing to Kristy as she goes about her day. Leah is continuing to question her friendship with Kristy and is starting to turn against her.

Scott and Shelley walk around and tell both Kyle and Leslie and Kristy and Brett they have major budget concerns.

The building of the master ensuite bathrooms continues, as everyone is consumed by all the drama. 

As part of winning the Domain Listings challenge, Steph and Gian go to lunch with the Domain team to Grossi Florentino.

Leah’s sister Ellie is down from Brisbane and as she is driving her back to the airport, she questions her about what she should do about her friendship with Kristy. Ellie says she has to stay true to herself, even if that means calling Kristy out. When Leah arrives back at The Block she has an awkward encounter with Kristy. She convinces herself that Kristy and Brett’s behaviour the past few weeks on The Block doesn’t align with her and Ash’s morals, and she decides she must confront her. 

The once strong alliance between House No.2 and House No.3 appears to be fracturing.


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