Last Resort begins

Last Resort begins

Short lived US Drama Last Resort finally kicks off next week on 7. Starring three of Australia’s brightest talents 

Australia’s own Daniel Lissing (Crownies), Daisy Betts (Sea Patrol) and Dichen Lachman (Neighbours, Dollhouse). Star in the action thriller

When the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine questions a suspicious order, they’re branded fugitives. As they’re fired upon by the U.S. and plunged into a mystery fraught with political intrigue, they seek refuge on a NATO outpost and declare themselves the world’s newest nuclear-armed nation. Here they will find refuge, romance and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home.

This epic, emotional journey about love, loyalty and character premieres Wednesday, February 20 at 8.30pm on Seven.


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