Landscaping Week reaches its final hours

The finish line is near as our contestants count down to the end of The Block.

The landscaping of the properties is taking place, with some incredible transformations to be revealed in just 24 hours time.

Tom and Sarah-Jane are probably in the best position, while Ankur and Sharon struggle to the finish line with budget issues.

Ankur and Sharon’s chippie Scott leaves at 4.30pm on Friday for the last time, and the married couple from Melbourne once again express their disappointment at the breakdown of their relationship with their building team.

Tom and Sarah-Jane, Rachel and Ryan, Sharon and Ankur, Jenny and Dylan and Omar and Oz all have had different and unique journeys on The Block.

Each couple look back at their Block journeys, all of them full of pride at the houses they have built.

Foremen Keith and Dan say their goodbyes to all the couples. They award Tom the best contestant award for The Block 2022.

The final few hours before tools down, Jenny has a fall on her balcony, a terrible way to end her time on The Block.


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