Landscaping Week Brings The Block to a Close

Landscaping Week Brings The Block to a Close

Jenny from House No.4 has a fall on the morning of the final tools down, which rocks The Block. She fell through part of her balcony and after consultation with Scotty, she heads to hospital to get checked out. Dylan is in tears as he supports his future wife.

After 12 long weeks of renovating, our contestants are finally finished. They are all quite emotional and they limp to the finish line in what has been a huge landscaping week.

At Scotty’s HQ, Dylan and Jenny walk in separately from the rest of the group after spending time in hospital after Jenny’s fall. She will be OK. Scotty compliments Dylan on the man he is, after looking after his wife.

Now time for the final judging.

Tom and Sarah-Jane: WOW. Incredible effort from Tom and Sarah-Jane, who have been working for weeks on their landscaping. The judges were blown away by the huge scale of the landscaping and the different elements, including a pony pen, chicken coop, basketball court, amazing pool, and a par-three golf hole. The judges were so impressed with their game changer, a container in front of a lake which was stunning. An incredible finish for Tom and Sarah-Jane.

Score 29/30

Rachel and Ryan: An amazing effort by Rachel and Ryan. The highlight being the vineyard, another first for this year’s The Block. Darren was a bit concerned with the lack of steps from the balcony and the garden, lots of sharp objects for kids to fall on. The flying fox was a hit, with Darren having a go. Beautiful gardens and lots of spots to admire the incredible view.

Score 26.5/30

Ankur and Sharon: Not many positive comments unfortunately for Ankur and Sharon.  They thought compared to some of the other houses, House No.3 was really unfinished, in particular the garages which weren’t cladded. They loved the balcony but they thought everything was in the wrong place and the whole thing was a planning disaster. The game changer market garden was probably the only real positive thing for Ankur and Sharon.

Score 19.5/30

Dylan and Jenny: A beautiful effort from House No.4. The judges liked the hot dub and ice bath. The gardens were very well resolved. The BBQ area is well done. They loved the size of Dylan and Jenny’s balcony, a real asset for them as they go to auction. Darren did say the furniture choices could be improved.

Score 26.5/30

Omar and Oz:  An amazing effort.  Darren thought Omar and Oz’s pool and the pool area was the best of the day. The tennis court which doubles as a basketball was just incredible. The judges could imagine having a hit on the court with the Macedon Ranges in the background. The gardens were very well done and well thought out.

Score 28.5/30

The scores are in and after using the gnome to make sure…. It’s a win again for Tom and Sarah-Jane, who take home a brand new Ford as well as $5000 from Sarah-Jane becomes emotional, the perfect end to the build for House No.1


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