Landscaping Week Begins on The Block

Landscaping Week Begins on The Block

It has been 83 days of renovation hell on The Block, but finally we are at week 12 and the end is near.

It’s landscaping week on The Block, and our Blockheads are building the biggest back yard and front yards in the history of the show.

At the Domain Open For Inspections the praise for Tom and Sarah-Jane’s work from home space and extra living space in the Straco sheds is universal. All the other Blockheads however struggle with what Ankur and Sharon delivered.

Rachel and Ryan’s vineyard is taking place.

Ankur and Sharon want a helipad, but that idea is quickly quashed as they don’t have the budget.

There are tense scenes between Ankur and Sharon and Keith and Dan and their landscaper after it is revealed they are $26,000 over budget already.  Ankur takes offense at Keith calling him an accountant, as he feels it questions his livelihood. In the end it is the landscaper who has gone over budget not Ankur and Sharon, and he promises to complete everything he had planned on time.

Jenny also has an argument with her landscaper Inge, over the installation of a black tubular pool fence. Jenny wanted a glass fence, and she feels like she wasn’t consulted properly.

Scotty hosts the final winners and grinners dinner for the season.


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