Lambs of God Review

Lambs of God Review
Mark Rogers/Foxtel

Foxtel continues to add to an impressive slate of Aussie drama with the new event miniseries, Lambs of God.

Lambs of God tells the story of the three remaining Sister of Stan Angoges, who are all each a generation apart and living in seclusion on an isolated island. Forgotten by the rest of the world, the nuns live a harmonious life inside a dilapidated monastery where they tend to lambs, who they believe are their fallen sisters reincarnated. Living on the island is Sister Margarita (Ann Dowd, The Handmaids Tale), Sister Iphigenia (Essie Davis, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) and the youngest, Sister Carla (Jessica Barden, The End of the F*****g World).

Their peaceful existence is shattered one morning with the unexpected arrival of an ambitious young priest, Father Ignatius (Sam Reid, The Railway Man), on a mission from the Church. The Sisters set out to discover what has really brought Father Ignatius to their island, and must stop him from taking their home.

Throughout the 4 hour miniseries, which was watched in its entirety for this review, Lambs of God starts out as one thing and finds itself manifesting into something else entirely. It is truly best to go in blind if you’re yet to read the novel by Marele Day, so I don’t want to give too much more away.

Adapted by Sara Lambert (Love Child, A Place To Call Home, and Love My Way), the script will draw you in and keep you hooked with a double episode premiere that balances different shades throughout – one minute it’s dark and moody, the next it’s quite humorous. The casting is top notch with the key characters all giving performances you don’t want to miss.

Armed with brilliant direction by Jeffery Walker, Lambs of God is a magical and thought-provoking productions that deserves all the praise, and then some.


5 Stars

Lambs of God screens in double episodes at 8:30pm on Sunday July 21 and 28 on Fox Showcase