Kings Cross ER and RBT Return tonight

Kings Cross ER and RBT Return tonight

Tonight Nine returns two observational series Kings Crross ER and RBT to screen. 

A brand new season of Kings Cross ER returns with an unflinching look inside the Emergency Room for Australia’s most notorious nightclub strip, tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

Season three of the fast-paced observational documentary follows an extraordinary team of doctors, nurses and specialist consultants at St Vincent’s Hospital, led by long-serving Emergency Department director Gordian Fulde, as they pull together to deal with the frenetic pace of Australia’s most unique emergency ward.

This week, resources are pushed to the limit when a night of revelry on a Sydney Harbour party boat goes horribly wrong. A mystery pill known as “Blue Scissors” has partygoers dropping like flies, and when multiple cases arrive at once it’s all hands on deck as the ER team scramble to save the lives of the combative and dangerously ill patients.

Plus, a 31-year-old Western Sydney man becomes the latest victim of a “coward punch”. Hit from behind while trying to break up a bucks night fight, he is bloody and confused and at risk of serious brain injury. Time is critical as the ER team rush to determine just how badly he’s been hurt.

Then at 8.00pm, RBT is back to take viewers behind the scenes at the random breath test patrols testing alcohol and drug-affected drivers on Australian roads.

In the series return, officers in Wollongong are diverted from their regular duties by an emergency call to join in the hunt for a runaway driver who fled from police when they tried to stop him for a breath test. As the driver leads police on a dangerous chase through the backstreets, it becomes clear a breath test is just the start of his problems.

Plus, a learner driver and his supervisor think they’re in the clear after passing a routine breath test, but the drug test is another matter. And when plumber Tony is stopped on his way home from the pub after three full-strength beers in an hour – enough to send any driver over the limit – police are surprised when he blows just under .05. But it’s what happens next that leaves them speechless.