Kim vs Kanye: The Divorce comes to Binge

 Kim vs Kanye: The Divorce comes to Binge

The two-part documentary Kim vs Kanye: The Divorce premieres this week on Binge.

In 2021, American media personality and businesswoman Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West, one of the music industry’s most controversial and revered hip-hop artists. With the couple worth an estimated two-billion dollars, everything was at stake, including their businesses, their families, and most importantly, their reputations. 

In this two-part documentary we are given exclusive access into the bitter details of one of the most high-profile divorce cases in history. While it seemed as though the two were made for each other, it soon became known that Kim and Kanye’s marriage was burning down in flames, as Kanye’s behaviour was too much for Kim to bear. As Kim cut Kanye out of the Kardashian empire, neglect, isolation, and love for his family, urged Kanye to try and keep the marriage on track, but he was no match for the Kardashian legal machine.

KIM VS KANYE: THE DIVORCE premieres Thursday September 21 on BINGE and on FOX Docos at 9.00pm and available On Demand.


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