Kim and Michelle’s house is 50 shades of wow (Updated)

Last night on House Rules , the judges arrived in Tweed Heads, NSW where the teams had transformed Kim and Michelle’s drab three-bedroom house into a five-bedroom dream display home packed with pizzazz.

House Rules
Rule 1 Put some pizazz into a dream display home
Rule 2 Give us 50 shades of grey and purple
Rule 3 Go ooh la la with French Provincial style for Michelle
Rule 4 Be bold and beautiful with a black kitchen
Rule 5 Use marble and mint in the main bathroom
Bonus Room Rule Create the ultimate kids’ club house

Toad & Mandy: (Entry, loungeroom and walk-in-wardrobe)

·       Entry: Wendy liked the wallpaper as it brought the “right kind of vibe into the entry.” Drew thought it was “all too white” and “flat”, and it would have been “genius” if they’d put the mirrors on the other side of the wall.

·       Walk-in-wardrobe: Drew said there were “shades of grey in here and I’m not sure in a good way.” It wasn’t the colour scheme that bothered Wendy, but the use of space and not enough storage.

·       Loungeroom: LLB said “There is nothing here that looks amateur… [this looks like] someone that’s been doing it for years.”

Score 23/30

Josh & Brandon: (Main bathroom and Melissa’s bedroom)

·       Main bathroom: LLB was underwhelmed. He said, “This is a whole lot of marble and then a couple of green basins. That is not exciting me at all.”

·       Melissa’s bedroom: Drew: “For me it’s going to be a very rare day when a paper brick wall wins me over.” Wendy said, “It just doesn’t work”.

 Score 16/30

Leigh & Kristie: (Laundry and Michelle’s bedroom) 

·       Laundry: It was a hit. Wendy said, “I love these tiles. It’s like the simplicity of the age-old subway yet it’s quite modern.” LLB was impressed they made a laundry “pizzazz”.

·       Michelle’s bedroom: LLB: “This puts the ‘la’ in oh la la.” Drew thought the dressing table statement piece was “cute” but too small and almost “childlike.

Score 22/30

Jess & Jared: (Corey’s bedroom, Ensuite and Hallway)

·       Corey’s bedroom: The judges were impressed. Wendy said, “One of the hardest things to do is to create a bedroom that works for a boy. They have taken a request from Corey and created a really fantastic room that works.”

·       Ensuite: Drew thought “It looks pretty dismal”. LLB said it was a “textbook example of why you don’t use big tiles in a small room. And that is without doubt one of the nastiest shades of grey I’ve seen in my entire life.”

·       Hallway: Drew liked the sculpture statement piece and said it was a “moment of installation”. LLB disagreed and thought it looked like “an award for car salesman of the year”.

Score 18/30

Chiara & David: (Kitchen, girls’ bedroom, hallway and bonus room) 

·       Hallway: LLB was impressed: “There’s not a lot you can do [with a hallway], but they’ve done stuff.”

·       Girls bedroom: LLB liked it: “This feels fresh to me… as though this team has been listening to what we’ve been saying.” But Wendy thought there were “a few things that are a bit problematic, and I think it comes down the position of the bunk.”

·       Kitchen: Wendy thought it was “a fabulous kitchen. I love the fact they didn’t just do a black kitchen.” The purple splashback “works perfectly… on paper this would make me shudder, but in reality this excites me.”

·       Kid’s clubhouse bonus room: LLB thought the candy machine statement piece wasn’t a great idea, “It’s the one thing that you don’t want the children to have in quantity.” 

Score 23/30

Mel & Dave: (Dining room and Kim’s bedroom) 

·       Dining room: Wendy thought the marble was a great idea. Drew said that architecturally it wasn’t working as the space had become too much like a “corridor”. LLB loved the space and everything Drew didn’t.

·       Kim’s bedroom: The judges loved it. LLB said the floral feature wall was “pizazz”. Wendy thought they had really understood the house rules and did a “spectacular” job this week.

Score 24/30


Update June 5   Kim and Michelle returned to Tweed Heads where the teams had transformed their crowded house into a home for the entire family. The mother-daughter duo cried tears of joy in almost every room, and awarded the highest scores yet, including three perfect 10/10’s!

NSW Toad & Mandy: (Entry, loungeroom and walk-in-wardrobe)

·       Entry: Kim was crying tears of joy. Michelle said it was “an amazing start”.

·       Walk-in-wardrobe: Michelle: “This is beautiful… This is so special.”

·       Loungeroom: Michelle: “Oh my god! This is beautiful… You thought of everybody, we can all sit in there. We loved the different lounges, we thought they were amazing… We loved it, it was amazing.”

Score 9/10

VIC Leigh & Kristie: (Laundry and Michelle’s bedroom)

·       Laundry: Kim said: “Wow!.. Just perfect”. Michelle: “Where are they pulling this space from? This is a full-on functional laundry.”

·       Michelle’s bedroom: Michelle couldn’t fault anything. She said, “you guys nailed the house rule, it was very ‘oh la la’”

Score 10/10

QLD Mel & Dave: (Dining room and Kim’s bedroom)

·       Dining room: Kim said, “it was superb. We couldn’t fault the dining room.” The ceiling was “pizzazz” and Michelle said the vertical garden was “stunning”.

·       Kim’s bedroom: Kim loved it but wasn’t too keen on the floral feature wall. Michelle thought the shades of grey and purple were great, however considering the room was for Kim’s husband as well, it might have been too feminine

Score 8/10.

WA Chiara & David: (Kitchen, girl’s bedroom, hallway and bonus room)

·       Hallway: They liked the artwork.

·       Girls bedroom: It was a success, but there were no covers over the light switches and the power point was too far from the bedside table.

·       Kitchen: Kim was in tears and later said, “you gave me my dream kitchen. It was absolutely beautiful.” They thought the purple splashback was “big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful.”

·       Kid’s clubhouse bonus room: Michelle said “we really liked it, and more importantly the kids really liked it.” They loved the lolly machine as the kids would have to put a dollar in it “so they’re really going to be working hard”. Kim wasn’t happy about the glass cabinets as she saw it as dangerous for the kids.

Score 10/10 + 5 for the bouns room

SA Jess & Jared: (Corey’s room, hallway and ensuite)

·       Corey’s bedroom: Michelle said, “I think the team that did this room really hit it off… They’ve got this room down to a tee with the army room-theme.” She later said to Jess and Jared that they’d done an “amazing job” and “given a little boy something he wants to come home to.”

·       Ensuite: Kim was amazed. She loved the colours and the big niche in the shower.

·       Hallway: They liked the hallway but thought the statement piece was too big for its shelf.

Score 9/10

QLD Josh & Brandon: (Main bathroom and Melissa’s bedroom)

·       Main bathroom: Michelle: “I would never had thought mint green bowls but I love these… They nailed it. This is exactly what I was expecting.”

·       Melissa’s bedroom: Melissa loved it, even the wallpaper bricks! They thought the statement piece bedhead worked.

Score 10/10


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