Kerry Armstrong Farewells The Jungle

Last night  Paul Burrell dished the dirt on Prince Charles, sparks flew between Simone Holtznagel and Josh Gibson during an in-camp challenge, Simone and Vicky Pattison discussed body image pressures and iconic Australian actress Kerry Armstrong became the second celebrity to be publicly voted out of the jungle.

Paul confided to Kerry that Princess Diana wrote him a letter on her own stationary detailing her fear that Prince Charles would kill her in a car accident so he could to remarry.

In the all-in camp challenge titled Hold It In, the campmates had to keep water contained in a cylinder. In a trial based on concentration and endurance, Simone and Josh were the last two standing. After an exhausting four hours, Josh outlasted Simone to win a deluxe massage treatment for two. In a romantic move, Josh picked Simone to accompany him.

Screen sirens Simone and Vicky discussed the pressure of body image for women in television. To watch a clip of Simone and Vicky voicing their concern

Later in the show, hosts Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that iconic Australian actress Kerry Armstrong was the second celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.  

Kerry faced her fears from the very start when she was forced to sky dive into the unpredictable African terrain, alongside campmates Fiona and Bernard Tomic. Kerry then took part in four trials, with the most memorable being Ready, Steady, No. After running, sliding and climbing her way through Velcro-riddled hurdles, Kerry got stuck in non-Newtonian fluid and had to be rescued by Shannon Noll.

Around camp, Kerry generated a lot of conversation and was at the forefront of many heated discussions. The actress took offence to the word “eliminated” and clashed with Simone, Josh and Shannon when they used it in reference to former contestant Tiffany. While she challenged Danny Green over his stance on Australia Day, she commended him on his charity, Coward Punch Campaign, confiding that one of her sons was attacked at school.