Kelsey and Amanda sink on My Kitchen Rules

Last night it was a Sudden death full of surprises as another team exited the competition.

Sisters Kelsey & Amanda faced  off against seafood lovers Josh & Amy.

The two teams were forced to create three-course meals in the galley kitchen of a cruise ship for judges Pete Evans, Manu Feildel, Guy Grossi, Karen Martini, Colin Fassnidge and Liz Egan.

Josh and Amy plated up an entree of tempura soft shell crab with papaya salad, a main of grilled salmon with couscous and coriander lemon sauce, and a dessert of apple and berry fry pie.

The popular sisters served up an  entree of deep fried calamari with mango and avocado salad and lemon aioli, main of prawn red curry and dessert of churros with chocolate sauce

In the entree battle, Kelsey and Amanda cut the calamari too thin and coated pieces in way too much crumb.

“It is disappointing when you get a seafood entree and the best thing on it is the aioli,” Pete Evans said. “I’ve had better … at my local fish and chip shop,” was Colins  Fassnidge’s opinion

Josh and Amy had trouble with Amy forgetting to fry off the onion for the papaya salad. “The crab is fantastic, brilliant, crispy but the raw onion flavour of the salad is not pleasant at all,” Manu Feildel said.

The mains hit a snag for the sisters when they put the curry paste on too late to properly infuse prawns.

They also added too much coconut milk, dulling the potentially fiery flavours.

“The pressure of sudden death is definitely showing on their plates because this is not a great curry,” a disappointed Pete Evans said.

Josh and Amy nailed their main with the judges noting “The fish is cooked well but this couscous doesn’t make any sense and it is quite dry as well,” Liz Egan said.


The girls hit back with an amazing dessert with Karen Martini saying “they are kicking goals here — it is delicious” and Pete Evans saying the pair had “definitely ended on a high note”.

josh and Amy scraped through even though their fry pie got a mixed reception from the judges.

“There is a  good flavour in the berry apple filling but they don’t need the icing on top,” Colin Fassnidge said.

In the end Josh and Amy  lived to see another day with a score of 28 compared to Kelsey and Amanda’s 26.