Katherine Kelly Lang Farewells The Jungle.

Toilet humour, relationship references and dysfunctional families the lastest episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! had it all.

Richard Reid was outraged that recent evictee Jacqui Lambie nominated him to compete in tonight’s terrifying trial, Bogged Down.

With an extreme phobia of snakes and confined spaces, Richard was terrified as he crawled through a bush sewer filled with various jungle critters including scorpions, spiders, crocodiles… and to his distress, snakes.

Racing against the clock… and up against a way too cheeky croc, Richard smashed through all fears to secure an impressive 11 stars for his team mates.

Later, camp talk turned to relationships Richard sat down for a cheeky chat with Justine Schofield to talk all things boys.

A refreshingly private television personality, the culinary queen confessed she enjoyed a weekend routine of pasta and red wine, over the perils of dating.

She credited this jungle stint as being a big step outside of her comfort zone, and welcomed the prospect of romance in the outside world.

Shane Crawford and Justin Lacko talked parents and pressures, with Shane crediting his mum’s sacrifices as the reason he was able to build a successful career. A fellow mummy’s boy too, Justin spoke of the rocky relationship he had growing up with a strict father, who he feels thankful to have bonded with at a later age.

Natasha Exelby put her journalistic skills to good use, questioning Shane over his early AFL career. In a juicy revelation, the ex-Hawthorn heavyweight divulged that he knocked back a number of rival offers, including a huge Port Adelaide deal that not only involved the promise of captaincy, but a share in fast food chain, McDonalds.

Later in the show, Chris and Julia announced that bold A-Lister Katherine Kelly Lang was the fourth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Making a spectacular entrance into camp by leaping out of a giant mystery box, KKL brought a much needed level of glitter and sparkle to jungle life.

Although she struggled being away from the creature comforts of her Hollywood home, Katherine immersed herself into camp conversations, speaking about her early acting career and weighing in on Hollywood honchos Harvey Weinstein, Bill Crosby, Ellen DeGeneres and the #metoo movement.

Katherine completed in two trials, the most memorable being Scrotal Recall, where she got dunked in a pool of bull testicles.

Tune in tonight to see Luke, Angie and Yvie partake in the revolting tucker trial, Kindy Surprise, and Chris and Julia announce the fifth jungle evictee.