Karma-Geddon Strikes The Bachelor Mansion.

Eager to rid the mansion of drama, Nick Cummins took swift action in a spectacular episode of The Bachelor tonight.

Nick invited a mix of original and new Bachelorettes on a pool date. On arrival, they were split into teams of two to compete in a swimming carnival for one-on-one time.

The Bachelorettes started the carnival with a round of Pool Bingo, where they battled it out in the water to find specific inflatable balls. Despite Cat’s attempt at sabotage, Emily and Tenille were victorious and made it through to the final round.

Zipped into two large Zorb Balls, Emily and Tenille had to race across the water in the hope of scoring one-on-one time with Nick. Tenille’s tactic saw her go backwards, where Emily’s perseverance led her to victory.

Wanting to make the most of the alone time, Emily put all of her cards on the table in the hope of forming a connection with Nick.

Emily’s honesty paid off and Nick promised he would take her on a single date soon. As the date came to a close, Nick presented Emily with a rose and leant in for a kiss.

Back at the mansion, Alisha revealed a single date card and the chosen Bachelorette was Brooke.

Nick picked Brooke up at the mansion in a classic Mustang and drove her to a Balinese inspired mansion. Met by an artist behind a partition, the pair described each other to help the hidden artist create a portrait of themselves.

Things got off to a shaky start with Nick’s questionable description of Brooke’s facial features. Taking it all in good humour, the pair laughed and held hands throughout the experience.

Back at the mansion, Alisha, Cat and Romy sat by the pool while Cat vented about her dislike for Brooke’s single date with Nick. Convinced she was wasting her time in the house, Cat told Romy and Alisha she was better off spending her time elsewhere.

The conversation then turned to Tenille’s actions at the previous cocktail party. Alisha thought Tenille was purposely trying to get Nick’s attention to make Romy look bad, while Romy labelled Tenille a fake and wanted Nick to witness her true behaviour.

Thinking the cameras were switched off, Alisha, Cat and Romy secretly plotted to give Nick an ultimatum at the cocktail party, with Cat planning to cry to play on Nick’s sympathy.

Continuing with their single date, Nick and Brooke finally took a look at their finished portrait and were impressed with the results. He ended the date by handing Brooke a rose and a kiss, signalling their relationship was on the way to something more.

Later, a toga-themed cocktail party had everyone in a great mood, especially intruder Brittney.

Nick quickly approached Tenille for a one-on-one chat to find out exactly what went on at the last cocktail party. Nick did not want negative vibes in the mansion, so he asked Tenille who was being mean.

Using candles to represent Alisha, Cat and Romy, Nick split the table into a ‘mean’ and ‘friendly’ zone. Asking Tenille to place the candles into the relevant category, she placed the trio into the mean section with no hesitation.

After speaking with Tenille, Nick made a beeline for Cat and pulled her aside to get to the bottom of her behaviour. Cat defended herself by explaining she speaks her mind, which can sometimes be taken the wrong way.

Nick told Cat the mansion is a place of love and he did not want someone else sabotaging his chances of finding the one. Cat shed a tear and explained that she was in the house for the right reasons, but her plea fell flat and Nick sent an emotional Cat home.

Appearing at the cocktail party, Osher revealed that Nick had asked Cat to leave. Alicia and Romy were visibly shaken from the news, and unsure about their future in the mansion.

At the rose ceremony, Nick offered the final rose to Romy, but she hesitated to accept it.

Leading Nick outside, Romy revealed she could not continue with the process and wanted to leave. Although disappointed, Nick accepted Romy’s decision and farewelled her from the mansion.

Back at the rose ceremony, Alisha and intruder Brittney failed to receive a rose.